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Zoho projects is a good place to start your projects. It has great features and is easy to use. The UI is not impressive though, and it offers the most important feature in project management – time tracking and reporting in a very effective manner.

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I like its Usability
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Zoho Projects software helps us to create and manage projects, creating tasks for individuals and teams. It also enables us to track bugs. We can even have a mobile app to track the project on the go.
By Valentina Emanuel

By Valentina Emanuel December 08, 2021
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Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software, it helps me to plan project details, outline the necessary requirements, and track work with unmatched efficiency. I can collaborate with my clients and investors irrespective of our remote locations. I am very pleased with Zoho Projects’ performance.
By Nadia Hurd

By Nadia Hurd October 22, 2021
Good one!
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Zoho Projects is ideally my go-to choice for project management, resource management, employee management, and so much more. The reason why I like the product is primarily because of is strong and intuitive user interface, and deep configuration options. I can manage projects, track time spent of each task, segregate billing & non billing hours, and more with the help of Zoho Projects software.
By Derrick Conway

By Derrick Conway October 18, 2021
Very Well
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If you are looking to manage your project and track your project status, Zoho Projects is the right software for you. I am using the project management software for over an year now, and ever since, my firm has been progressing.
By Jean-Carlos

By Jean CarlosOctober 13, 2021
Best project management tool
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I was looking for a perfect Project Management Software when I came across Zoho. It has some great features like – Task Management, Time tracking, Ticketing System, CRM etc…It’s the best tool I have come across.
By Victor Fuchs

By Victor FuchsSeptember 16, 2021
Secure and protected fro Free
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Zoho has a very secured and protected file hosting. I use it for my client database, and I think that the security features are top-notch. Other file hosting services charge you per GB, but Zoho has a free GB.
By R. Eddy

By R. EddySeptember 11, 2021
My favorite Project Management tool
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Zoho has the best features in project management. I especially like its time tracking and reporting features. It doesn’t charge for each additional feature, which is great! Its customer support is also very responsive. I would recommend it for small businesses.
By Amanda Cerny

By Amanda CernySeptember 04, 2021
Zoho CRM – Highly recommended
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I’m a photographer and I did my research before investing in Zoho. It is the most cost-effective solution available, and it gives you access to other products of Zoho. The software has great UI, and customer support is very responsive. It can manage small or large businesses.
By Brett Collins

By Brett CollinsSepetember 01, 2021
Affordable and cost-effective – Project Management Tool
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I was looking for a Project Management tool when I came across Zoho. It is a one-stop solution to all the project management needs of any business. Other tools have most of its features, but Zoho has them all in one place at an affordable cost.
By Victoria Fuchs

By Victoria FuchsAugust 22, 2021
Innovative UI
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Zoho gives you access to all the tools that you require in project management on one platform. It handles everything from time tracking to ticketing system and even CRM. Zoho’s UI isn’t impressive, but it works perfectly for small businesses.
By Dennis Genovesi

By Dennis GenovesiAugust 15, 2021