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JustCall is a simple communication app which enables people to make cheap international calls. The app supports video calling, group calling, free global texting and more for seamless team collaboration.

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Supportive Customer Care Executives
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JustCall makes it easy to reach out to practically any person. Sometimes, when a call pops up, we can see the icons in that window, making it difficult (or impossible for someone using JustCall for the first time) to know which button to press to make the call and put it on hold, transfer or hang up.
By Edson Herrera

By Edson HerreraFebruary 04, 2022
Reliable for Communicating info with Employees
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JustCall allows conference calls, auto call recording, and insight information regarding our overall communication processes. We can integrate Just Call with LACRM is an absolute game-changer for the company. We have everything centralized and have improved our efficiency. Additionally, it is fantastic and helpful in saving time to make calls directly from our CRM.
By Jennifer Steele

By Jennifer SteeleDecember 31, 2021
Reliable and Intuitive
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We initially selected JustCall because it had a good range of features, but most importantly, it had a native integration with Copper CRM. But now, we use JustCall mainly for the features of integrating with HubSpot, call recording, and for enabling overseas employees with a local mobile number for calling customers and prospects.
By Fred Murphy

By Fred Murphy December 06, 2021
Gets the job done
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Easy way to get around the website; it always makes it easier to call or message any client, and the app also works great. Integrated with our HubSpot account, it’s worked perfectly. More importantly, they have an incredible customer support team.
By Melanie Hill

By Melanie Hill November 22, 2021
Pretty Basic
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GParted disk management software has amazing basic features like resizing the disk, disk formatting, etc., but advanced and modern features and poor user interface are a big turn off.
By Hailey Sasha

By Hailey Sasha October 12, 2021
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JustCall is an easy way to get around the company, it makes it easier to call or message any client or colleague. The mobile and desktop apps are also well-designed. Overall, it a proficient communication software.
By Ramos Shafer

By Ramos Shafer October 11, 2021
Good communication app
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JustCall is a good app for calling across the globe. It has simple features like making calls, sending messages, and even video calls. I have been using it for a month now and can safely say that the rates are cheaper than any other call platform out there. The one thing that can be changed in this app is its user interface should be made more intuitive. Other than that, it is a great app to use for making international calls.
By Peter Arnold

By Peter ArnoldSeptember 13, 2021
Nice app
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JustCall is a good platform for making cheap international calls. I was getting bothered with Pitchet while purchasing Skype coupons, but JustCall makes the entire process of calling more simpler. I would recommend this app to other workers and clients in my organization as well.
By Clinton Brown

By Clinton BrownSeptember 09, 2021
Simple app
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JustCall is a simple app for making cheap international calls. You do not need to install any other software and the user interface was designed in a very intuitive way.
By James Martin

By James MartinSeptember 06, 2021
Average UI
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JustCall has very good calling options and the video quality is also very good. I was getting into lots of issues while using the app, because when I tried to call another user, it would direct me towards a web page. The overall UI is not very user-friendly and bugs are there as well. If the developers look into these areas, then this app can be much better than other communication apps in the market.
By Kate Santiago

By Kate SantiagoSeptember 02, 2021
Not as good as it looks
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JustCall is a good app for calling, but I feel like other apps such as Skype, Slack, and others are much better in this regard. JustCall’s video quality was not that great and its features are also limited to making calls and sending messages.
By Jason Cruise

By Jason CruiseAugust 27, 2021