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Zoho is a popular name in the field of CRM software. It is a user-friendly web-based application that includes all the features you’ll need for lead management, customer service and contact lists. The app comes with easy to use functionality which makes it perfect for small businesses or startups around the world.

Recent Zoho CRM Reviews

Seems Like a Promising Tool
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Zoho CRM helps us efficiently manage our customer support and interaction with the customer. It is so easy to learn all the features and has helped us manage leads coming from the marketing funnel. Having used it for 3 months now, it really seems like a promising suite of software tools.
By James Lewis

By James LewisDecember 24, 2021
Great CRM Software!
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I’ve been using Zoho CRM for over a year now, and it has really simplified my business – tasks are easier, appointment scheduling is quicker. I have been using many other free and paid CRM software, but they all were too bulky, complicated to use or required me to do a lot beforehand before I could create new records.
By Logan Paul

By Logan PaulSeptember 12, 2021
Zoho is easy!
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With Zoho it’s very easy – just click and go! The customer service is also great – whenever I needed something, there was always someone ready to help.
By Jennifer Watson

By Jennifer WatsonSeptember 05, 2021
Zoho is the best out there
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Zoho CRM is simply the best CRM on the market – it has really helped our business, and I love how you can customize it to suit your needs.
By Phill Phoden

By Phill PhodenAugust 29, 2021
Zoho keeps getting better!
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What I like about Zoho is that with every new feature they add, they make everything really easy to use and more user-friendly.
By John Carter

By John CarterAugust 21, 2021
Zoho makes it easy to do business anywhere in the world!
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I really liked using my Zoho Calendar on a mobile device – I can check my schedule in less than 3 seconds letting me know if I have time for that meeting or if I need to reschedule.
By Emma Rey

By Emma ReyAugust 16, 2021