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Workplace is a communications app which helps you to connect work and life. It has features like video, audio, polls, questions and more. You can use the app on desktop as well as on your Android phone or iPhone.

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Does the Job
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We use Workplace by Facebook for all of our internal communications in the office. I love that I can create different chat groups for different workflows. I can select as many people as I like, and all the conversations are at my fingertips in one place. But because of recent news events, I am a little anxious about the data privacy.
By Seth Pacino

By Seth PacinoFebruary 10, 2022
Works like Facebook; Easy
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Workplace by Facebook has been phenomenal for starting my business, building my brand image, and acquiring new customers. It translates the uncertainty of cold calling and door bashing to gain clients. Also, individuals are more sensitive to speaking with me on Facebook rather than door-to-door calling.
By Clem Rock

By Clem RockJanuary 18, 2022
Very impressive performance
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Workplace by Facebook has a platform where all my organization members participate and have separate groups for different projects or departments. We can also connect with each other by video calling, marking calendar events, live broadcasts, chats, and so much more. The news feed also keeps us on the same page with our other co-workers, and the entire system is very intuitive, and so is its user interface.
By Jofra Kenley

By Jofra KenleyNovember 17, 2021
Can be better
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The overall experience with Workplace from Facebook was really good but the one thing which I think that can be added is – keeping track of the assignments assigned to different team members by tagging them in a post.
By Jose Gray

By Jose GrayOctober 14, 2021
It has very few but cool features!
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I think of Workplace as a replacement to Skype and Slack. It is a very minimalistic app with not many features, but the UI looks pretty cool. I am yet to explore its full functionality, but for now it seems like an average app for communication at work.
By Barry White

By Barry WhiteSeptember 14, 2021
Good option for new businesses
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Workplace is a great option for new businesses that are looking forward to building their brand awareness. It has all the features which can be used to grow your business and reach out to newer customers.
By Clinton Brown

By Clinton BrownSeptember 10, 2021
Workplace is great!
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I’m using Workplace to connect my team members from all over the world. We use Workplace for discussing the projects, sharing files, and making calls (both voice and video). It has everything that a small business needs to look forward to future growth.
By Gertrude Anderson

By Gertrude AndersonSeptember 09, 2021
Easy and quick communication
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Being in the corporate for a long time, I have been using Workplace. While it does help in connecting with my colleagues from different countries and is better than Slack, I feel like there are a lot of other apps which are far superior to this one.
By Jason White

By Jason WhiteSeptember 02, 2021
I’d expected more from facebook
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Frankly speaking, I found Workplace as a pretty ordinary app for communication. With so many other options available in the market such as Skype, Slack, and others, it is hard to understand why would anyone want to use this app. I am sure it will be a niche app for businesses and different sectors, but definitely not for the commoners like me!
By Timothy Taylor

By Timothy TaylorAugust 21, 2021