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8×8 VoIP Phone Servic ee gives you free video calling, no monthly fees and affordable international calling rates. 8×8 is a user-friendly platform which enables users to call their contacts through their desktop or mobile device. It is simply an easy way to make calls!

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Love It
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I use the base offering that includes plenty of standard features that are needed by me and my team for communication. The app can be run on mobile phones as well as Windows Desktop, and is very easy to set up. The customer support team is also very supportive and addresses our concerns as soon as we contact them.
By Meriem Allen

By Meriem AllenDecember 13, 2021
Pretty Nice
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I love 8×8 VoIP Phone Service’s 8×8 video conferencing picture and call quality. It is easy to set up, install, and use, and the premium version of the software includes top-quality features such as voicemail, company chat, group chat, and more.
By Sasha Emmanuel

By Sasha EmmanuelOctober 20, 2021
So many options!
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8×8 offers video and voice calling options for free. It has tons of features including screen sharing. Of course it’s not as great as Slack but it’s still worth using!
By James Johnson

By James JohnsonSeptember 15, 2021
Say anything on screen
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With 8×8, I am able to share my computer screen with my colleagues and talk about the required stuff. The calls are video-enabled too so I can see my colleagues and vice versa.
By Kathy White

By Kathy WhiteSeptember 12, 2021
I didn’t even get to try the app because of errors during sign-up
logo (3/5)

8×8 is simple and easy to use. But as Slack has a very user-friendly UI, I think Slack is a better option.
By Riya Betty

By Riya BettySeptember 08, 2021
Various geographical locations
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I was looking for an app for easy communication with my team members spread across the globe, but I wasn’t very satisfied with 8×8. I’ve tried Skype, Slack and Google Hangouts before and 8×8 didn’t impress me at all.
By Vernon Jackson

By Vernon JacksonSeptember 07, 2021
Nothing compared to slack!
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I was having a hard time figuring out how Slack will help us in improving our communication. But when I tried 8×8, it was all worth the effort of exploring the app for more than half an hour!
By Paula Thomas

By Paula ThomasAugust 24, 2021