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SugarSync is an intutive platform to share and store files. It allows easy access across the globe. I use this often because of its cost-effective plans and unlimited storage space.

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Easy Access
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Sugar Sync works much like any cloud drive as it allows you to upload files from one location and and access them at another location or on another device remotely. The interface is simple and clean. It also allows you to share documents and collaborate. If you’ve used Box, DropBox, GoogleDrive, or any similar product then you are already familiar with the functions.
By Scarlett Hemsworth

By Scarlett HemsworthNovember 03, 2021
Easy Access
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The desktop app helps in syncing all files, so that it can be accessed from anywhere. It also allows me to share files easily via its intutive interface. My only concern is the amount of storage space I have and the option to pay for additional space on demand.
By Jessica Andrews

By Jessica AndrewsSeptember 15, 2021
Potential tool
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The desktop app is usable and straight forward. The free account allows easy access to files but it can be quite slow at times. I faced trouble saving heavy files in the cloud.
By Daniel Williams

By Daniel WilliamsSeptember 13, 2021
Impressive Tool
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I use SugarSync as my primary storage for purpose of work and sharing important files with colleagues. The interface is user-friendly and it allows easy access to all the important documents at one place.
By Kelly Wayne

By Kelly WayneSeptember 04, 2021
Settling for less
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I am always on the go and need to access my important files at all times. So, I settled for SugarSync because of its cost-effective plans and unlimited storage space.
By Jonathan Taylor

By Jonathan TaylorAugust 26, 2021
Lacks options to customize
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SugarSync allows me to share files with ease, however, it lacks the option to customise them. All my files are visible to all users. The app also allows for easy file sharing with the option to grant selective access rights.
By Mary Smith

By Mary SmithAugust 21, 2021