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Box is great for sharing files with ease. It allows me to share important documents and videos online . With the free account, it is possible to sync files between many devices.

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Gets the Job Done
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BOX allows us to store files on a cloud server, with easy, instant access worldwide, including mobile devices and desktop access support. Our business account has infinite storage, so there is no worry about running out or upgrading space. The interface is easy to understand, and most users adapt very quickly.
By Macaulay Keeper

By Macaulay KeeperMarch 17, 2022
Safe, Secure, and Reliable
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It is a stable and widely used product. It has an excellent security system and good user management. It is elementary to store documents and sync easily, and I also like how it is possible to share files with other people. You can also edit documents on the Box platform by using Office apps, which is extremely helpful.
By Chris Rivers

By Chris RiversJanuary 18, 2022
Excellent Storage Platform
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Box offers an affordable option for unlimited online storage. We can upload and store many files and provide reasonably easy access to outside parties. You can also make comments on documents workspaces and work together simultaneously in different places.
By Madeleine Cook

By Madeleine CookDecember 13, 2021
Excellent alternative to the Big Names
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The thing that I like best about using Box is that I was able to obtain a large account limit with a previous smartphone that I had which allows me to use more storage space than I can get from Dropbox for free. Last week I was facing some technical issues in using the premium features of the tool, I contacted the customer support team, they were spot on in resolving the problem.
By Celia Sebastian

By Celia SebastianNovember 10, 2021
Easy to Access
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Box provides easy access to all my important documents at one place. I can also work on multiple devices at once without any problem.
By Kelly Wayne

By Kelly WayneSeptember 16, 2021
Cost-effective and Highly Secure
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Box is accessible anywhere, anytime. The UI makes it easy to access files from any device. Also, the security options are great for ensuring that my files are safe and secure.
By Robert Will

By Robert WillSeptember 13, 2021
Lacks the option to customize
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The Box app is easy to use and the pricing plans are excellent. However, I hate it because of its lack of options to customise layout or change colours.
By Daniel Williams

By Daniel WilliamsSeptember 09, 2021
Too basic
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Box is a brilliant storage platform. It allows me to share files with ease online via its intuitive interface and works seamlessly across devices. The only flaw is that it comes with very limited features for customising layout or changing colours.
By Mary Smith

By Mary SmithSeptember 02, 2021
Box is easy to store data in the cloud
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It allows me to share my files with ease and provides easy access on all devices. The only concern I have is that it comes without any customisation options.
By James Stokes

By James StokesAugust 21, 2021