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OnlyOffice is a unique cloud-based solution that helps you in managing your documents and files in a very efficient way. You can use it to share files between different people, or you can use it for your business needs because it also has other features. You can add comments to the documents, edit them online or convert them from one type of file to another within a simple workflow.

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Super File Management Software
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I use OnlyOffice to send and receive documents on my work and personal fronts. The software allows to work Mobile and Desktop, so it’s easy to go from one to another and continue working. Not everyone has Microsoft Office, but everyone can have ONLYOFFCE EASY and continue with the work with the same quality.
By Olivia Hathaway

By Olivia HathawayJanuary 13, 2022
Quick and Trustworthy
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I switched to OnlyOffice from NextCloud integrations because I was facing a lot of glitches as whenever I tried to save and manage files with it, it took a lot of time and for bigger files it eventually hanged. I am facing no such problem with OnlyOffice and I seem to love its user interface and its ability to conveniently manage remote and local files.
By Michael Godley

By Michael GodleyNovember 01, 2021
Could be Better!
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I love that OnlyOffice can be self-hosted free of cost. But I find it extremely challenging to integrate with third party applications. Also, the user interface of other competing file management software are a lot better!
By Kendrick Sullivan

By Kendrick SullivanOctober 01, 2021
OnlyOffice Allows You to Manage Everything Easily
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OnlyOffice allows you to manage your documents and files in a much more efficient way, but it’s also a very easy-to-use solution that doesn’t cost much. I don’t use this app every day, but it’s great for saving document versions and everything else that makes your life easier!
By Jack Ryan

By Jack RyanSeptember 21, 2021
You Can Share Files Efficiently
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I recommend OnlyOffice because it helps you in sharing files across different platforms! It has a good interface and it helps you in managing your documents.
By Benjamin Martin

By Benjamin MartinSeptember 16, 2021
OnlyOffice Has a Very Easy-to-Use Interface
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OnlyOffice is an effective solution if you’re looking for an easy-to-use interface that can help you in organizing your files. I’ve been using this cloud-based solution for a few months, but it has helped me in managing my documents offline and it’s very effective for saving files.
By Silvia Mason

By Silvia MasonSeptember 12, 2021
OnlyOffice Has Good File Management Features
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File management is one of the most important features for a solution like OnlyOffice, and this app has it all! It’s a good cloud-based solution that will help you in managing your documents and data. However, I would recommend using OnlyOffice if you’re looking for something without too many features or which doesn’t cost too much.
By Sophia Parker

By Sophia ParkerSeptember 04, 2021
OnlyOffice Can Help You Access Files from Anywhere
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OnlyOffice is a good cloud-based solution that will help you in accessing your files from anywhere in the world and saving them on any device. All you need to do for sharing files is to create an account, and then you can start working with them!
By Alicia Gates

By Alicia GatesAugust 29, 2021