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A complete DMS and ECM solution for easier file management. Dokmee is a great cloud-based solution that takes care of all your document management needs. It’s easy to use and integrates with everything, so it will work for you no matter which devices or platforms you prefer!

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Esay and Quick
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Dokmee has transformed our workflow. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make organizing and accessing documents a breeze. The search functionality is impressive, saving us valuable time. We’ve streamlined our operations and improved productivity significantly.
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By Jane SmithSeptember 19, 2023
Brilliant Cloud-Storage for files and data
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All the documents are stored on the Dokmee cloud storage platform, which can be accessed from all my devices, from any place connected with the internet services. With Dokmee, processing, sharing, and sending documents can be accomplished by generating a private link.
By Corbin Aninipot
By Corbin AninipotFebruary 01, 2022
Not the Biggest Fan of Dokmee
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Dokmee appears to be totally random to me, as I realized that you needed to ignore the color and icons and read the descriptions closely to access what was needed.
By Troy Drescher
By Troy DrescherJanuary 20, 2022
I like Dokmee’s customer service
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Dokmee is a simple and powerful option that can make even the most challenging workflows clean and streamlined for the end-users and offers training options for them on its platform. So far, my experience with Dokmee File Management software has been positive as it is a great business decision for the team overall.
By Scott Lawman
By Scott LawmanNovember 12, 2021
Can be more Effective
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Although Dokmee is okay for basic file management functions, but its premium version needs a lot of improvement. For example, I face a lot of difficulty integrating files with accounting, customer relation manager tool, etc.
By Dave Hailey
By Dave HaileyOctober 06, 2021
Dokmee is the best I’ve used
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Dokmee is the best solution I’ve seen. It’s really easy to use and has a lot of great features, but it also integrates with all my other software so everything works seamlessly together!
By James Andrews
By James AndrewsSeptember 20, 2021
Profitable Integrations
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The integrations are effective and the software is easy to use. Dokmee has integrations with major accounting, project management and customer relationship management systems so it was really easy for me to start using them right away.
By Tommy Hayek
By Tommy HayekSeptember 15, 2021
Automation features are great
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The automation features are really good for me. I can use my Dokmee account to automate everything and get notifications about when something needs attention.
By Torres Mended
By Torres MendedSeptember 08, 2021
File management made easy and quick
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I love Dokmee’s file management. I can access and upload my files from anywhere, anytime on any device with the app installed. It also integrates seamlessly with all other software that I use so everything is always in sync!
By Justin Zoe
By Justin ZoeAugust 25, 2021
Features are average
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The offered features are all average. There are no features that make Dokmee stand out from other tools, but the offer all the basics and more for my needs
By Vera Flemmings
By Vera FlemmingsAugust 15, 2021