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Simple & Effective Online Meeting Platform
logo (4.4/5)

It’s really quick and simple to use. I can be on the phone and in a few keystrokes, we’re in a screen share, and my customer doesn’t have to download anything; simply enter and their name, and they’re in.
By Cynthia Blyth

By Cynthia Blyth March 4, 2021
Smooth screen sharing and conferencing
logo (4/5)

I like’s screen-sharing options because it helps me sort out the plan after my meetings, it also helps to host or join a hassle-free meeting quickly. Join Me supports HD conference & Conference Calls also. Its supports 250 participants and support 25 webcams which is a very professional tool for all types of meetings and conferences. I also like the HD quality voice, which can supply HD voice in low-quality networks.
By Bradd Fisher

By Bradd Fisher November 20, 2021
logo (4/5)

I like’s overall convenience of use and the screen share quality. It streamlines integration with google calendar and other third-party apps and tools. I have saved time and money by utilizing its business utility tools.
By Henry Dominic

By Henry Dominic October 08, 2021
Excellent Platform
logo (5/5) enables seamless remote work. It can record and locate crucial information with great ease. It is best suited for all kinds of businesses and is available at cost-effective options.
By Joe Petrescu

By Joe Petrescu September 18, 2021
Affordable for All
logo (5/5)

I have used for over six months, it is a very effective business utility tool that has redefined the business functioning. The software gets frequent updates, it is available at a very genuine cost.
By Amy Bing

By Amy Bing September 12, 2021
Very Versatile
logo (5/5) has an unbelievable UI which makes it very easy to understand and use. I have aligned multiple organizations with and it handles all its functioning. It is a boon for modern businesses.
By Margot Skeech

By Margot Skeech September 07, 2021
Good Software
logo (4/5)

It is a good software which is quite convenient to use. It also enables screen sharing for live support. Although it performs most of the jobs effectively, it is not the most technically capable product for business support.
By Rivera Roberts

By Rivera Roberts September 02, 2021
Lags Sometimes
logo (3/5)

While in a video conference, the software lags sometimes. But otherwise, it is a good software that meets all my video conferencing demands.
By Brad Archer

By Brad Archer August 22, 2021