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LogicalDOC helps business organizations of all sizes to gain control over document management, by fast content retrieval and business process automation. Its management solutions enable business teams to create, co-author, and coordinate any amount of documents.

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Logical Organizing of files
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LogicalDOC provides us with both on-premise and cloud-based platforms to manipulate the documents within the company. It is one of the few applications that support various documents like pdf, word, CSV, excel. Also, we can integrate effortlessly with dropbox, G-drive, outlook, and other storage applications.
By Barack Perry

By Barack PerryNovember 18, 2021
Logical Organizing of files
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LogicalDoc file management software is very easy to use, and their support is simply the best out there. I feel if you are in the discovery phase for a new file management platform, I have no hesitation in recommending LogicalDoc. It has been instrumental in managing and organizing my online and digital files.
By Samantha Wheeler

By Samantha WheelerOctober 15, 2021
Perfect for digitalization of work
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LogicalDoc has helped me digitalize all my paperwork which was very difficult to store and manage otherwise. It has been very cost-effective and benefitting to me and my business. It enables editing of documents even while being offline.
By Jimmy Noah

By Jimmy NoahSeptember 15, 2021
Useful and practical
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LogicalDoc is a good File Management platform with pretty cool automation features, which are really helpful while locating and identifying a particular doc. It has an impressive user interface which makes it quite easy to use and navigate. However, it might be costly for small businesses.
By Sophie Moore

By Sophie MooreSeptember 09, 2021
User interface is impressive
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I was searching for a cloud backup solution that would allow me to easily save files from my computer and access them from anywhere. Genie9 was exactly what I needed because their service is very efficient, as well as time-saving.
By Jacob Lawson

By Jacob LawsonSeptember 04, 2021
File management made easy and quick
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I love LogicalDoc’s file management software. I am able to access and upload my files from anywhere, anytime on any device with its advanced tools. It also integrates seamlessly with all other software that I use so everything is always in sync!
By Arthur Timberlake

By Arthur TimberlakeSeptember 01, 2021
Features are pretty basic for its Cost
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The offered features are all ordinary and average. There are no features that make LogicalDoc stand out from its competitors. Other tools are offering similar features at an economical price. But the user interface is quite attractive and easy to use.
By Veronica de Plessis

By Veronica de PlessisAugust 27, 2021