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PinPoint is an easy to use File Management Software re that makes it easy to create a workable file structure and plan for future growth. The tool has it all and makes it easy to stay organized.

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Powerful Tool
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PinPoint has created a centralized place for hiring managers to collaborate on open positions + candidates. We are able to pull robust reporting data to share back to our team about our hiring pipeline. And we have been able to put blind screening in place to improve our diversity screening.
By Ken Butler
By Ken ButlerNovember 08, 2021
Overwhelming features
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I find this tool incredibly overwhelming and hard to use! It took me a long time just to figure out how things were laid out and for what purpose
By Paloma Faith
By Paloma FaithSeptember 14, 2021
Simplest File Management Tool
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The best feature of this software is that it’s the simplest file management tool I’ve used so far. It’s very intuitive and easy to use, making my life a whole lot easier!
By Sam Ann
By Sam AnnSeptember 09, 2021
Just what we needed!
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This is just what we needed! PinPoint has really helped us out and solved a lot of our problems. It’s so easy to use and it does exactly what you need without any fuss or complications.
By Julius Pitt
By Julius PittSeptember 02, 2021
All-in-One file management tool
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PinPoint has been our best choice. It’s an all-in-one file management tool that makes it easy to stay organized. It has been a complete solution for our business and we are very happy with it.
By Isla Hayes
By Isla HayesAugust 28, 2021
Flexible and scalable
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The tool is highly flexible and scalable. It helps me get on top of my work without worrying about the size of my business. It adapts to our ever changing business needs without having to invest a fortune.
By Jaden Cruise
By Jaden CruiseAugust 24, 2021