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Microsoft hare pint an to be the best online file management software I have used for a long time. The different users with permission settings, rules, and the way it deals with documents make this an excellent product.

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Collaborative and Well Integrated
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Microsoft SharePoint provides excellent accessibility and is user-friendly as well. It allows other users to edit and share. The platform is very secure and well-integrated; one can easily upload and share files. The documents can also be synced and are cloud-based. One can easily retrieve data as well.
By Pete Sheindin

By Pete SheindinFeburary 14, 2022
Love its resistance to local files
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Sharepoint has enabled us to be more efficient with file management modules in multiple ways. I hope they allow me to be more collaborative, controlled, and automated. Currently, my entire organization has access to the software, and the introduction and migration to Sharepoint from local servers have been gradual, primarily due to its unmatched resistance.
By Pam Hatch

By Pam HatchDecember 01, 2021
Microsoft is easy to use
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Microsoft has great features and is really easy to use. I don’t have to spend too much time learning everything so I can get my work done faster!
By Steven Wade

By Steven WadeSeptember 16, 2021
Easy Learning Curve
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Microsoft’s software has a great user interface, and the learning curve is not steep at all. I started using their products when I put my first business online, and it was very intuitive so that helped a lot!
By Luke Greene

By Luke GreeneSeptember 12, 2021
Not Many Features to Offer
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Although there aren’t many features or anything exciting about Microsoft Sharepoint, the software itself is very useful and easy to use.
By Eric Michaels

By Eric MichaelsSeptember 11, 2021
Flexibility for a variety of projects
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Microsoft Sharepoint offers users the flexibility they need when it comes to their online tools. The file management capabilities are not necessarily unique, but provide just enough for each user.
By Chris Thomas

By Chris ThomasAugust 27, 2021
Security is tough but necessary
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Microsoft has done a great job when it comes to securing their online file management and storage software. While it can be difficult to set up security, the system itself doesn’t seem vulnerable to outside access.
By Alison Heller

By Alison HellerAugust 20, 2021