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IDrive offers consumers to securely backup multiple computers, and mobile devices into one account for the same cost. Businesses can create multiple user accounts and manage the backups of their computers/servers with ease.

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good performance at a reasonable cost
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A good one-stop shop for all of your syncing and backup requirements. It can be used in place of Dropbox sync as well as cloud storage backup from a different service. In a high-security workplace, this isn’t a good thing (e.g. banking). Although not the quickest sync service available, it is one of the most affordable.
By Asher Adams

By Asher AdamsJanuary 07, 2022
Premium Backup Services
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I have 50 + systems at my firm, and due to privacy concerns we decided to go for cloud storage software. We installed IDrive for this purpose in 2018. The software has been pretty helpful to me so far. It can deploy storage services for all the systems at once, and also facilitates online file sharing.
By Bong Mo Jeong

By Bong Mo JeongDecember 31, 2021
Convenient and Accessible Storage
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I am an IDrive user for a very long time, and it does everything that you expect from an online cloud storage software. From back up service to disaster management tools, IDrive has it all.
By Joey Watson

By Joey WatsonSeptember 23, 2021
Premium storage
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IDrive is one of the best cloud backup services available. It offers a ton of backup features for a genuine price. It is safe, reliable, and highly recommended.
By Sophia Osteen

By Sophia OsteenSeptember 13, 2021
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IDrive offers its basic plan for free, and it is a must-try. It allows its users to upload and save necessary files and folders from anywhere, and it is accessible from any device and platform in the future.
By Ben Holland

By Ben HollandSeptember 01, 2021
Good option
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IDrive is a feature-rich platform to save and access files from anywhere around the globe. It features – Live Chat support, Telephone Support, and e-mail Support.
By Sonia Parker

By Sonia ParkerAugust 20, 2021
IDrive Review
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IDrive is a good option for people looking for a platform that enables safe and effective handling of crucial files and folders. It is suitable for both business and personal usage. Had prices been a little on the lower side it would have outsmarted all its competitors.
By Darwin Cruz

By Darwin CruzAugust 18, 2021
Average Staging
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IDrive has smart features, below-par UI, and average customer service. It is a satisfactory cloud-based storage platform whose basic plan is free of cost. Overall, it needs a lot of improvement.
By Bruno Brooks

By Bruno BrooksAugust 11, 2021