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VMware offers complete and comprehensive tools for digital solutions that power apps, services, and experiences, enabling businesses to deliver the best customer service and employee empowerment. VMware reviews state that it is an efficient DaaS provider that saves your workspace data to the cloud, helps achieve the highest performance in speed, offers reliable and scalable results in real-time.

VMware creates a fast way to deploy customized virtual desktops on the network by using in-memory cloning of parent virtual machines. There are zero dependencies on the parent after cloning, which allows you to quickly deploy servers, scale more efficiently and maximize uptime for your virtual desktop infrastructure.

Recent VMware Reviews

Quite Effective
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VMware Horizon enables us to safely access company servers while sitting at homes. The DaaS software is compatible with all the operating systems, i.e., Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. A must-have tool in 2021.
By Jay Larsson

By Jay LarssonSeptember 30, 2021
Fast, secure, and the best
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The main benefits of VMware Horizon Cloud are ease of use, speed, convenience, robust security, and reduction of costs. Vmware’s Horizon Cloud is well-known for its ease of use, speed, and convenience.
By Meghan Hall

By Meghan HallSeptember 21, 2021
Good DaaS
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Horizon Cloud is full of rich features and has made a global impact when it comes to DaaS providers. It is easy to use and has a very decent UI.
By Kylie Roberts

By Kylie RobertsSeptember 18, 2021
Performance at par
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Horizon Cloud is a good DaaS provider full of fun features. It is very costly for the features it offers, and the free trial is full of technical glitches. If budget is not an issue, Horizon Cloud is good to go.
By Sunny Archer

By Sunny ArcherSeptember 15, 2021
Horizon Cloud – Good Enough
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The latest update of the Horizon Cloud offers its services in different languages, which is of great help to my foreign clients and employees. It has very professional customer service. However, I feel it is very costly for small businesses.
By Christine Morris

By Christine MorrisSeptember 08, 2021
Overrated DaaS
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Horizon Cloud is an average DaaS provider and is highly overrated in terms of speed and ease of use. The customer service also needs improvement.
By Jack Smith

By Jack SmithSeptember 02, 2021