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iBackup is a popular cloud backup solution. The tool is integrated with online backup and storage tools that automate the backup process. It also offers bandwidth-efficient cloud storage services to individuals and business enterprises alike.

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Simple interface and easy to use
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I like the simplicity of iBackup, as well as its user-friendly UI which makes it very comfortable to use. My colleagues are also happy with the tool and they say it’s really easy to use.
By Kevin Howard

By Kevin HowardSeptember 13, 2021
Great security and unlimited bandwidth
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I was looking for a cloud backup solution that could be easily implemented on our servers as well as used by me and my team members for sharing and collaborating files. iBackup turned out to be a great option because of its security features, unlimited bandwidth, and overall user-friendliness.
By Allen Maxwell

By Allen MaxwellSeptember 08, 2021
Easy to use and reliable
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I used iBackup for my personal needs and I must say that it is simply awesome! The tool does everything I need, and it’s really easy to use. A great feature for those who are tech-savvy is the ability to open iBackup files with Google Drive or Dropbox.
By Katie Johnson

By Katie JohnsonSeptember 07, 2021
Great price and unlimited backup
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I was looking for a backup solution that would provide me with unlimited storage, while allowing me to ensure that my data remains safe. iBackup turned out to be the best option because of its competitive pricing, as well as other features such as scheduled backups, unlimited bandwidth and easy-to-use interface.
By Alfred Baker

By Alfred BakerSeptember 02, 2021
The pricing is cheap
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There are several cloud storage services out there but PCloud is one of the best because the value for money is great!
By Keith Robinson

By Keith RobinsonSeptember 01, 2021