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Nextcloud is an on-premises collaboration platform, hosted by over 400.000 servers on the web and tens of millions of users. With Nextcloud, users gain access to their documents and can share them with others within and outside their organization. They can collaborate with video and text chat, Calendar, Mail and a variety of planning and coordination tools as part of an extensive ecosystem of over 300 apps. Nextcloud offers an easy to use web interface or clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

Unlike big SaaS players like Microsoft, Nextcloud is a decentralized platform, allowing enterprises to deploy themselves or work with a local hosting provider. This ensures easy compliance, as the customer is in complete control over their data and the software that manages it.

Nextcloud integrates in existing infrastructure like LDAP/Active Directory and its Universal File Access feature makes data available to users irrespective of where it is stored, be it on a local NAS, a remote FTP, Samba, SharePoint or object storage.

Nextcloud also offers extensive security capabilities, including multi-layered encryption and rules-based file access control.

If you want to be independent from big US and Chinese cloud companies, want to protect your proprietary data from corporate espionage or need a platform that ensures legal compliance with privacy, finance or health care regulations, Nextcloud is the only real alternative that allows your teams to collaborate without compromise.

Recent Nextcloud Reviews

My Go-To Cloud Storage Platform
logo (5/5)

I’ve been using NextCloud since its inaugural release. I love that it is open-source (and free), and I can set it up on my own server, which is precisely what I’ve done for both personal use and my business server.
By Walter Mayyhau

By Walter MayyhauFebruary 17, 2022
Multipurpose Platform
logo (4/5)

This cloud storage platform has numerous capabilities for collaborating which helps to access and synchronize my files across different devices automatically. Contacts, calendars, applications, notes, and other productivity features are provided in it.
By Johnson Elliott

By Johnson ElliottJanuary 11, 2022
Secure & Innovative
logo (4/5)

I had my doubts about how effectively a self-hosted cloud platform would operate and how many capabilities it would give over simple file storage with a web interface. Still, I was genuinely surprised and intrigued by the potential and features it provided.
By Adam B

By Adam BDecember 15, 2021
Robust and Intuitive
logo (4/5)

Nextcloud is a self-hosted, on-premise storage software best suited for businesses that want more and centralized control over their data. Nextcloud is undoubtedly one of the most prominent cloud storage providers on the market, and it does more than store your data online: with it you can collaborate on files, send and receive mail, and manage your calendar—all without compromising your security.
By Tess Schwarneger

By Tess SchwarnegerOctober 28, 2021
logo (5/5)

I have been using Nextcloud for quite a while now. In my observation, it is a pretty decent performing mature, secure, and stable cloud platform. The cloud storage software consists of all the features that Google Drive or OneDrive have!
By Jennifer Goosen

By Jennifer GoosenSeptember 29, 2021
User friendly
logo (5/5)

The desktop app is very useful and intuitive in the sense it will ask if you’d like to make a backup of your computer to the cloud in your Nextcloud account.
By James Lee

By James LeeSeptember 26, 2021
Best File Sharing Platform
logo (5/5)

I am happy that Nextcloud can integrate with file explorer, so the files in Nextcloud appear in the same format. Also, it generates a link through which the file can be accessed.
By Joyce Foster

By Joyce FosterSeptember 23, 2021
Great experience
logo (5/5)

Nextcloud allows me to integrate with anyone who uses Nextcloud. It is very easy to share and access files on Nextcloud. I have used Nextcloud for years now and I rarely come across any trouble.
By David Hall

By David HallSeptember 22, 2021
UI Can improve
logo (4/5)

Although Nextcloud is a terrific cloud storage platform the UI is very basic. It is available at a fair price and allows easy and seamless access to files across the globe. UI needs improvement.
By Lisa Andrews

By Lisa AndrewsSeptember 19, 2021
Costly tool
logo (4/5)

Nextcloud is a good platform to store and share important files. It can be used for personal as well business work. The free version of Nextcloud is amazing but it is costly to upgrade to premium packs.
By Robert Will

By Robert WillSeptember 16, 2021