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Back in 2007, making work better for people meant designing a simpler way to keep files in sync. Today, it means designing products that reduce busywork so you can focus on the work that matters.

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Super cloud storage platform
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One of the best thing about Dropbox is that it automatically backs up data on the cloud. For a reckless person like me, Dropbox is an amazing cloud storage option. Plus, all my data is safe and protected with Dropbox.
By Sim Jenner

By Sim Jenner October 19, 2021
The Way It Should be
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I like the version history function for files. It’s a blessing if you re-write an existing file by mistake. Additionally, I am pleased with the recent update, which helps me see all my files in a tree format.
By Camillo Ann

By Camillo AnnSeptember 19, 2021
Terrific Product & Features
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What I like best about Dropbox is its ability to provide me any file, at any place. I can access these files on my phone, my laptop, my workstation. Instead of mailing the big file it is much easier to upload it on cloud so that all my colleagues can see it.
By Justin Kimber

By Justin KimberSeptember 10, 2021
Necessity for businesses
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It is so easy to sync data and files across all your devices once you install the app. I do not have to worry about uploading or dragging files into the folder anymore as it is accessible from anywhere.
By Jean Wentworth

By Jean WentworthSeptember 05, 2021
Very Useful
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Dropbox is pretty easy to use, the organization makes it clear in understanding what I’m looking for and where items are located. I can also understand what I do and do not have access to which saves both, time and energy. The premium package is costly.
By Maya Gray

By Maya GrayAugust 10, 2021
Minor Connectivity issue
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I’ve been using this for a while now and I am very much comfortable with same. Its offline and online feature were introduced way before other platforms, and it works seamlessly. Overall its great, but I encounter connectivity issues sometimes.
By James Specter

By James SpecterAugust 06, 2021