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Apple iCloud Drive is a great platform for storing and accessing my files on multiple devices. It allows me to store, access, and share all my important files . Apple iCloud drive is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms. The only flaw I found in it was that it does not allow us to customise layout or colour of data.

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Less compatible but overall nice
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With Apple iCloud Drive, I can store several files & videos on the cloud that can be accessed on any networked platform. The drive could be configured for default storage for all the new files arriving at a specific folder. Several photos and memories could also be permanently directed to iCloud drive for reminiscence.
By Amelia Seth

By Amelia SethNovember 17, 2021
Expensive and Incompatible
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Apple iCloud offers very little free space and the extended 15 GB limit is pretty expensive especially for small and medium enterprises. Although the security is pretty tight, but the cloud storage tool is best for people that are already using other Apple products for unmatched compatibility.
By Luis Pearson

By Luis PearsonOctober 14, 2021
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If you use Apple devices or appliances, and office productivity apps, Apple iCloud Drive is great choice for cloud storage because it is tightly compatible with all the apple products. Although it is a great tool but it is very expensive when compared to other cloud storage software.
By Kevin Hope

By Kevin HopeOctober 05, 2021
Easy to Access
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I can access all my files from iCloud Drive on multiple devices. Also, the interface is easy to use with an intuitive design .
By Terry King

By Terry KingSeptember 20, 2021
Easy management of files
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I can easily manage all my files and documents across multiple platforms without any difficulty. The only flaw I found in Apple iCloud Drive.
By Kelly Owens

By Kelly OwensSeptember 13, 2021
Easy Access
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I can access all my documents from any device from iCloud Drive. The only thing that bothers me is that it does not come with any customisation options.
By Michelle Parker

By Michelle ParkerSeptember 02, 2021
Lacks organization option
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I can easily access my files from any device but I don’t get organization options with Apple iCloud Drive. So, I cannot create new columns or change the colour of data . Zoho One Zoho One is one of the most powerful cloud storage platforms as it offers unlimited features to store and manage all my files across multiple devices.
By Haily Stuart

By Haily StuartAugust 20, 2021
Not our ideal choice
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Apple iCloud Drive is easy to use but it doesn’t offer backup service or encryption. So, I prefer other cloud storage platforms over Apple iCloud Drive.
By Stuart James

By Stuart JamesAugust 12, 2021