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SpiderOak One is one of the top favourite cloud storage platforms because of its highly secure encryption . It allows users to access all my files from any device. Moreover, it allows us to share files easily with colleagues across the globe.

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Reliable and Secure
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Numerous cloud storage platforms have emerged in the past couple years. I had been looking for an affordable, secure, and reliable cloud storage platform to save school data on a centralized platform. Someone suggested me to SpiderOak One, and I am loving this tool. Files and data can be saved, shared with other branches of the school effortlessly.
By Kether Gleason

By Kether GleasonFebruary 03, 2022
Pretty Competitive
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SpiderOak One is multiple user device backup solution and cloud storage software with centralized management console that automates the administration part of backups. It is a one-stop solution for all your cloud-related issues.
By George Jeffrey

By George JeffreyOctober 08, 2021
Unlimited Storage
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SpiderOak One offers unlimited storage space. I can store all my files across multiple devices with the free version.
By Jessica Andrews

By Jessica AndrewsSeptember 17, 2021
Incredibly secure
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All files on SpiderOak One are encrypted and password protected. So, no one else can get access to our data.
By Nick Weaver

By Nick WeaverSeptember 11, 2021
Cost-effective and Highly Secure
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TigerSync is accessible anywhere, anytime. The UI makes it easy to access files from any device . Also, the security options are great for ensuring that my files are safe.
By Adam Cole

By Adam ColeSeptember 08, 2021
Lacks features to Customize
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The interface is easy to use but it lacks the option to customise layout or change colour. I also can’t add new columns of data . Tiger-Sync Tiger- Sync offers a hassle free interface to users. It allows me to access my cloud storage from any device and on the go . The only flaw is that it has limited options to customise colour or layout of files..
By Mary Smith

By Mary SmithAugust 22, 2021
Easy to Access
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TigerSync provides easy access to all my important documents. I can also work on multiple devices at once without any problem.
By Karen Owens

By Karen OwensAugust 20, 2021