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Avira is a free antivirus software that comes with robust inbuilt malware and phishing protection features. It does its job fairly well, although it is not the best tool out there!

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Great Antivirus
logo (4/5)

Avira is a trustworthy, longstanding antivirus software that enjoys a pretty decent reputation in the market. It can be run on multiple platforms and devices, with equal product performance. It is a cloud-based tool, and ensures a high detection rate of viruses, malware, etc.
By Josh Teal

By Josh TealDecember 29, 2021
Feature-Limited VPN, but Solid Antivirus
logo (5/5)

I have observed that many features of the Avira Antivirus software are beyond basic antivirus. It is a free antivirus and therefore it has something in store for all. Apart from the fact that its (only some) features require full payment for complete functionality, it is a complete and comprehensive software.
By Donald Mendes

By Donald MendesNovember 20, 2021
Pretty Average
logo (3/5)

My friend recommended Avira antivirus software to me and I used it for a few months. Although I didn’t face any major setback, but I felt McAfee is a much better choice. The user interface is also not very soothing.
By Roberto Harlan

By Roberto HarlanSeptember 29, 2021
Good one for newbies!
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Avira is good antivirus software that offers reliable malware protection and keeps my computer secure from cyber attacks. I think it’s a great option to go for if you are a newbie in this field!
By Caleb Jacobson

By Caleb JacobsonSeptember 21, 2021
Does what I need!
logo (4/5)

Avira protects my computer from various threats and does what it says at the box i.e., absolutely free! I hope they come up with a better UI design soon!
By David Thomas

By David ThomasSeptember 18, 2021
Decent but too complex for small businesses
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Avira is another decent antivirus software that has a robust security platform with inbuilt malware protection features. However, it is overpriced for small business owners and we had to look at other options!
By Silvia James

By Silvia JamesSeptember 13, 2021
Good one for newbies!
logo (3/5)

I am happy with Avira and it seems to work fairly well. It’s a good antivirus tool for newbies out there!
By Sophia Smith

By Sophia SmithSeptember 12, 2021
Too Complex for small business
logo (3/5)

Avira is decent malware protection software that seems to be working fine so far. However, it is a little complex to use and requires regular update to keep your data safe.
By Mitchell Thomas

By Mitchell ThomasSeptember 09, 2021