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Sophos Home is an affordable antivirus software with decent features. Although it is not the best antivirus tool out there, it does its job in keeping you safe from malware and phishing attacks.

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I tried Sophos Home to get rid of malware and other malicious URL’s, initially the results were fine but later on, the antivirus software was more-or-less useless. It is a good tool for systems that do not involve web surfing activities.
By Margret Benett

By Margret BenettOctober 04, 2021
Works well at this price!
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I have been using Sophos Home for many months now and it’s great at its price range. It does what it is supposed to do – protect my computer from malware and phishing attacks!
By Matt Clark

By Matt ClarkSeptember 20, 2021
Fairly good!
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We have been using Sophos Home for a long time now and it has not let us down yet. It offers malware protection and keeps our business safe from various cyber threats. I hope the guys develop a native version soon!
By Daniel Brown

By Daniel BrownSeptember 16, 2021
Good one for small businesses
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We were looking for antivirus software with robust security features and decided to go with Sophos Home. This tool is easy to use and offers malware protection at a reasonable price!
By Catherine James

By Catherine JamesSeptember 14, 2021
Decent but expensive!
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I like Sophos Home as it is fairly simple to use and has decent features. But, the cost for this antivirus tool is a little exorbitant as compared to other options in market!
By Mitchell Thomas

By Mitchell ThomasSeptember 06, 2021
Decent but overpriced!
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I recently upgraded to Sophos Home for better protection but I was not very impressed with what it had to offer. Sure, the tool works well and keeps my data secure from external threats but it is overpriced as compared to other antivirus tools out there!
By Sophia Smith

By Sophia SmithSeptember 01, 2021