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Amazon Web Services is the most comprehensive DaaS offering solution and one with the most inclusive set of tools and a flourishing list of integrations. Competing platforms may handle specific tasks more effectively, but Amazon Web Services continues to be a leader in the business. A mature product and service offering, Amazon Web Services ensures most things work well and setup and management are intuitive and familiar. As per the Amazon Web Services reviews, it has an impressive level of customer service, which its competitors find hard to deliver.

Amazon Web Services has not rested on its laurels; it has continuously improved in almost every segment of the platform. Its primary service levels rival the best the competition offers, including Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud.

The wide range of services in Amazon Web Services provides almost everything that an organization needs for deploying DaaS. With its wide variety of cloud services, everything from cloud databases to e-commerce storefronts, you can create an end-to-end workload complete with management tools and custom-coded apps.

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Recent Amazon Web Services Reviews

Reliable Cloud Services
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been a game-changer for my business. Its reliability and scalability have empowered us to handle increased workloads effortlessly. The vast array of services and excellent customer support make AWS our top choice for cloud solutions.
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By GavinSeptember 20, 2023
Definitely Overrated!
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I certainly feel that Amazon Web Services are overrated. Although the tools and features are pretty decent performing, but at given price of the product, there are many other options available that offer more productive features and enhance UX.
By Laura Glavin

By Laura GlavinDecember 27, 2021
Performance Wise – Not Bad
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AWS is being used at my organization. Today we are building cloud-native solutions moving from legacy API services to Microservices that can be containerized and deployed into a secured container environment. AWS service offerings like ECS and EKS helps to deploy our applications into its managed cluster where it becomes easy to manage, orchestrate microservices into respective containers as it has its master control plane and the various worker nodes are deployed seamlessly on its data plane.
By Jamie Joshua

By Jamie JoshuaNovember 11, 2021
Best in business
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Amazon’s WorkSpaces offers very efficient work environment with cloud storage and virtual file transferring. It helps in the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of work network and is quite simple to use.
By D.B Jackson

By D.B JacksonSeptember 13, 2021
Very convenient
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Amazon’s WorkSpaces allows remote access of my desktop from anywhere in the world. The visuals and controls are user friendly and it comes at a very genuine price. Kudos to WorkSpaces for making my work so easy.
By Joey Jones

By Joey JonesSeptember 10, 2021
Special software
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Thanks to Amazon’s WorkSpaces, I don’t have to stress on handling remote work and project progress. It has created an ideal virtual desktop environment to consider for various functions, including training, testing, proof of concept, and development.
By Grace Davis

By Grace DavisSeptember 05, 2021
Worth it
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The user interface of WorkSpaces is to-die-for. It is a complete package for remote work-related trouble. It has helped me prepare productive reports on the time-session of employees, which in return has increased the productivity of employees. Must-try.
By Monica Robinson

By Monica RobinsonSeptember 03, 2021
Expected more
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Amazon provides ultra-premium features to its customers, but the latest updates don’t have much to offer for the price it costs. The software is well-integrated, cloud-based, and is simple to use. It is not for the ones, looking for DaaS software on a moderate budget.
By Chloe Lewis

By Chloe LewisAugust 24, 2021