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Recent Microsoft One Drive Reviews

High Performing Software
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Microsoft Onedrive holds everything in one place, and I can easily link my work to my colleagues. Further, whenever I am out of the office, my colleagues can access my work to continue. It also holds the history of files that I haven’t accessed for some time but later find it necessary. Overall, it facilitates smooth cloud storage of all my files and folders in the drive, which can be accessed anytime remotely.
By Kelly Barstow

By Kelly BarstowNovember 25, 2021
Brilliant Automatic Sync
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Microsoft One Drive is well known for its powerful file-sharing and document collaboration tools. I am using the cloud storage software for more than five years now, and I am loving its modern features and user interface. I can run it without any trouble on Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems. It allows automatic syncing across multiple devices when connected to the Internet. docs.
By Paul Morgan

By Paul MorganOctober 25, 2021
Perfect Platform
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I love the interface as a folder on my computer and its version control system. It makes it easy to collaborate & share files, and edit files that are not compatible with google docs.
By Adam Maxwell

By Adam MaxwellSeptember 20, 2021
Storage made safe
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Decent interface to upload and share files and folders. It is a great substitution to large files that cannot be transferred via mail. I enjoy Dropbox and its numerous benefits.
By Kinley Ruiz

By Kinley RuizSeptember 13, 2021
Good platform to store data
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Dropbox is very easy to use due to its user-friendly UI. It is a brilliant platform to save important docs that will be needed in the future. The free version lags and is full of glitches.
By Saige Finn

By Saige FinnSeptember 06, 2021
Useful tool
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I like the easy ability to share pictures and files with colleagues and friends. The media can be saved in high resolution. It also has a Cloud Trash to recover deleted items. I face trouble connecting more than two devices on one account.
By Analia Flynn

By Analia FlynnSeptember 01, 2021
Average UI
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The user interface is really good and easy to navigate and understand. This especially helps when you are added to a group. I face problems while working on multiple projects and it is difficult to upgrade to costly packs.
By Andrew Schumaker

By Andrew SchumakerAugust 20, 2021