Hosted desktops or Desktop as a service (DaaS) is a cloud-based platform that offers virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). With an effective DaaS solution, applications and desktops can run in virtual machines (VMs) hosted on a third-party’s networking, storage, and computing infrastructure.

The DaaS provider manages back-end IT resources like virtual machines that run desktop operating systems. The DaaS provider also streams all the virtual desktops to user endpoints, authorizing access to office applications, files, and desktops from anywhere, anytime.

Following are the best DaaS software options for small businesses:

  • are one of the most advanced and complete suites of DaaS tools available in the market. It consists of various unique features and tools that facilitate effortless access of applications and desktops on virtual desktops. offers an advanced, secure hosting environment and cutting-edge technology for automating complex and repetitive tasks.

  • Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services offers a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure designed for remote-working tenants. Its DaaS offering is known as Amazon WorkSpaces. It enables users to use location-based desktops remotely. It comes with a customized pricing policy that allows you to pay for only the user’s products.

  • Citrix Workspace

    Citrix DaaS solutions offer secure, reliable ways to deliver applications and desktops to users remotely. Citrix DaaS solutions help remote employees access their office files, which is instrumental in reducing downtime and alleviating challenges associated with remote team management.

  • V2 Cloud

    V2 Cloud claims to deploy cloud-based Windows desktops in less than ten clicks. By deploying V2 Cloud DaaS solutions, business managers and remote employees can forget about integration issues and focus on the core activities of the business. It is a cost-efficient DaaS solution that delivers promising results by allowing remote access to applications and desktops.

  • Evolve IP

    Evolve IP is a robust DaaS solution provider offering a broad range of features for small businesses, freelancers, IT experts, etc. It allows the remote workforce to access office applications and desktops remotely, anytime. The DaaS server is hosted on a cloud application that secures all the data in an accident.

Following are the best DaaS software options for small businesses:

  • Effective DaaS solutions provide security to BYOD devices
  • .
  • Easy and instant sharing of files and applications.
  • DaaS solutions provide work flexibility to the traveling workforce.
  • Businesses can lower their budget by avoiding buying computer hardware, paying rents, purchasing equipment, etc.
  • Small and micro businesses can also reduce cyber threats with effective DaaS solutions.
Final Thoughts

DaaS can add immense value to a business organization, especially involving a remote workforce. Businesses can compare and select the best DaaS solutions amongst the options mentioned earlier.

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