A cloud storage software is a storage platform that saves data and information on the cloud over the Internet. The cloud storage helps businesses and organizations to keep the crucial information safe, and access the files from anywhere in the world by simply connecting to the Internet.

For example, you have a remote team operating outside business premises, and information needs to be shared across the hybrid team. It can be challenging for the employees to receive and send information over mail, which may lead to confusion and ambiguity. Instead, what employees can do is, save the files and data on the cloud, which can be simultaneously accessed by both remote and local employees.

The Top Cloud Storage Platforms for Businesses are:

  • Google Drive

    Google Drive is a comprehensive cloud platform for saving and accessing files, folders, images, videos, and more. It facilitates easy team collaboration and makes it easy for users to share data to people that are outside the organization. Google Drive supports advanced features such as drag and drop uploads, search features, and so much more.

  • Apple iCloud Drive

    Apple’s iCloud consists of a number of powerful components and features such as iCloud Storage Plans, iCloud Photo Library, Family Sharing, and so much more. It integrated all the Apple products to save important information of the iPhone, iMac, etc., on the Apple Cloud.

  • Dropbox

    Dropbox can be an integrated platform for work teams to collect and access data from a centralized location. It helps the team to stay organized, get in sync with each other, and keep the data secure from external threats. Dropbox offers productivity tools and cloud computing platform to users at a very reasonable rate.

  • Microsoft OneDrive

    Microsoft’s OneDrive is a well-known cloud storage platform and file sharing mechanism for business purposes. It enables the managers to connect all team members from a centralized server by accessing the required files and folders conveniently. It powers a cohesive file sharing experience, which results in enhanced team collaboration.

  • Box

    Box cloud storage has simplified the process of storing and accessing business files remotely. It offers a unlimited storage for free for a period of 14 days. The box UI can be integrated with thousands of applications for seamless collaboration. It offers frictionless security of saved files and folders on the cloud.

Bottom Line

Cloud Storage software facilitate effortless continuation of business operations. It helps businesses to increase coordination, collaboration, integration, and more from a centralised platform.

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