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Sunrise Accounting is a product of Indio, and it is well-known for its advanced and modular accounting features. As per the Sunrise Accounting Reviews, its suite is aimed at small and medium enterprises looking for a simple yet powerful package that can help manage their finances. The integrated features bode well for smaller businesses, as they can easily track expenses and income. Sunrise Accounting reviews are mostly positive and are best suited for freelancers and small businesses.

Recent Sunrise Accounting Reviews

Great Platform for Small Businesses and Freelancers
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I have been using sunrise accounting platform since I was a freelancer. From then, I have come a long way and this accounting software has been there for me at every step. It is very helpful in preparing insightful reports and account statements, which becomes handy to me while taking decisions and while paying taxes.
By Rita Peltz

By Rita PeltzFebruary 15, 2022
Hassle-Free Accounting
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I needed a reliable accounting software for my departmental store. We have hundreds of tiny transactions daily, and it is challenging to keep track of all the transaction manually. After using sunrise accounting that is not an issue anymore. The only downside to this platform that I think is, it can be a little difficult to get along with the software in the beginning.
By Mel Harris

By Mel HarrisFebruary 02, 2022
Easy to Use
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Sunrise Accounting Solution is pretty easy-to-use and simplifies a business’s accounting processes. It is very convenient to upload receipts, prepare bills, customize data entries, etc. Overall, the accounting software is great and pretty effective. Its value magnifies especially in the tax season.
By Jason G. Hall

By Jason G. HallDecember 23, 2021
Not the best, but fine
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I like the simplicity and built-in functions that sunrise accounting’s Billy software offers! I am able to save a lot of time but have to review the things that I like to review myself without leaving everything to automation. Also, having to manually enter bank data instead of an automatic sync is a major drawback.
By Christina Lee

By Christina LeeNovember 24, 2021
Great for Managing transactions
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Overal, Sunrise Accounting is a great accounting software. It is a one-stop solution for all my accounts needs, it is proficient in making account statements, quarterly profit & loss sheets, Machinery accounts and so much more. If anything needs improvement, it would be the lacking integrations of modules with Microsoft and Google.
By Diana Walker

By Diana WalkerOctober 22, 2021
Sunrise makes accounting simple
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If you’re remotely interested in accounting software, I would highly recommend Sunrise because of how easy it is to use and the live support they offer. The platform allows me to manage complex transactions such as invoicing, payments and obtaining client feedback.
By Tabitha SmithRatings

By Tabitha SmithRatingsSeptember 18, 2021
A good tool to manage your business expenses
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GoDaddy Bookkeeping is accurate and packed with some of the best features in this category. I have never had any problems using their software or recording my transactions. The online payment feature works well if you’re looking to get paid for your services and clients have no trouble using it.
By Bethany Bright

By Bethany BrightSeptember 07, 2021
Sunrise is great for the small business owner!
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I think Sunrise is a great tool for managing my cash flow as it allows me to easily track my income and expenses. The only problem is that the desktop version doesn’t work with my Windows 10 computer.
By Tod Jackson

By Tod JacksonSeptember 04, 2021
Sunrise provides a good alternative
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I use Sunrise accounting software, but I think it’s better suited for freelancers and small businesses because there are no invoicing features. If you’re looking for something that combines accounting and invoicing, I would recommend Freshbooks.
By Rebecca Styles

By Rebecca StylesAugust 22, 2021
Sunrise is easy to use
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I like Sunrise because it’s so simple to use; however, the support desk can be a bit slow at times. The only major problem that I have is that the system doesn’t allow me to search for previous transactions.
By Annabelle Cooper

By Annabelle CooperAugust 12, 2021
Not the best accounting software
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Sunrise is a well-known accounting software for small and medium businesses, but the only issue that I have with it is that you cannot import previous transactions. Sometimes, this causes me to miss an entry or two, which can be problematic when I’m getting ready to file my taxes.
By Judy Williams

By Judy WilliamsAugust 05, 2021
A popular alternative to Freshbooks
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Overall, I think Sunrise is a great alternative to Freshbooks because it has an intuitive interface and most of the features that you would need in an accounting package. The only major drawback for me is that it does not have any invoicing features, so my clients cannot pay online.
By Adam Edwards

By Adam EdwardsJuly 10, 2021