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Kashoo is a comprehensive accounting software for freelancers and self-employed workers which is pretty easy and intuitive to use. Kashoo is a cloud-based program with compatible iOS & Android platforms, and excellent customer service. The software offers double-entry accounting with modern features designed to fit small businesses. According to Kashoo reviews, its inclusive suite allows you to manage expenses, invoicing, income and time tracking. The tool is fast, easy, and effective to use, but it lacks the reporting tools needed to manage larger businesses.

Recent Kashoo Reviews

Centralized Management of Accounts
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Kashoo is a supportive software that helps keep all our finances organized on a centralized platform. We run all our accounts receivable and accounts payable through Kashoo. This way, we are aware of the financial standing of the firm.
By Tania Thompson

By Tania ThompsonDecember 29, 2021
Simplified the Accounting Procedure for my Firm
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I like the bank syncing (which nearly all software provides) and the ability to add users (add your bookkeeping, accountant, etc.) and limit their privileges. This software is straightforward to understand for people who do not have an accounting background.
By Hillary More

By Hillary MoreNovember 19, 2021
Clean user interface
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It is an amazing platform for managing my accountancy books, income, and expenses. Its integration with SurePayroll is a game changing module, and the email & chat support is available for free and wonderful aspect. With Kashoo I can directly send invoices and bills to clients rather than saving it externally then mailing it separately.
By Liam Plunkett

By Liam PlunkettOctober 27, 2021
Kashoo is a complete tool to use
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I’m not too tech-savvy, so I love how Kashoo allows me to focus on running my business instead of deciphering accounting jargonuitive interface. I also appreciate the ability to send invoices and manage my cash flow from any device.
By John Smith

By John SmithSeptember 16, 2021
Kashoo is a great tool
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I love that Kashoo makes accounting easy because it allows me to focus on running my business. The interface is intuitive, and I don’t have to worry about getting confused or having difficulty navigating the system.
By Jason Clark

By Jason ClarkSeptember 11, 2021
Kashoo is a great tool for medium-size businesses
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I like Kashoo because it allows me to manage my business from anywhere and send invoices on a smartphone. It’s easy to use and has a very intuitive interface.
By Gwen Tanison

By Gwen TanisonSeptember 04, 2021
Kashoo is a great tool
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I started using Kashoo because I loved the ability to track my finances on the go and send invoices from my phone.
By Masson Greenwood

By Masson GreenwoodAugust 31, 2021
It is a good tool
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Kashoo is a comprehensive accounting software.
By Lara Jackson

By Lara JacksonAugust 21, 2021
Kashoo is easy to use
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I like the fact that Kashoo focuses on invoice management because it helps me stay organized, but I wish there was more in-depth analysis and reporting capabilities. Overall, I like Kashoo’s simplicity and ease of use.
By Sania Williams

By Sania WilliamsAugust 11, 2021
It’s very limited, it’s only for beginners
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Kashoo was great for a while, but the limited reporting capabilities made it hard to manage my business. Sunrise’s built-in reports make it much easier to analyze my financials and optimize my business.
By Kathrine Woodward

By Kathrine WoodwardAugust 01, 2021