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Skype is one of the most popular internet calling applications on th internet. Skype enables its users to call landlines and mobile phones as well as other computers over a computer.

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Great for Keeping in Touch
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Skype has been my go-to communication tool for years. It’s user-friendly, offering excellent video and voice quality. Whether connecting with family or collaborating with colleagues, Skype is reliable and feature-rich. Its global reach makes it indispensable for staying connected across distances. Highly recommended!
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By JohnSeptember 20, 2023
Great for Hosting Remote Video Conferencesd
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I have been using Skype for a long time, and I primarily use it for attending video conferences with my international clients. It is a great communication tool that facilitates smooth and uninterrupted coordination and collaboration. One thing that I am not the biggest fan is that it requires high quality internet connection while attending calls, or otherwise it causes problems.
By Katie Jones

By Katie JonesNovember 25, 2021
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Tough Skype is a great tool to communicate with clients, employees, and customers, but with time modern and advanced tools have evaded the market that offer better features and at better prices.
By Samuel Jr.

By Samuel Jr. October 05, 2021
The best in business
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I use Skype daily for official as well as personal uses. It is so convenient to hold video conferences on this platform. It is very secure and simple to use.
By Kendrick

By Kendrick September 19, 2021
Simple and perfect
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I prefer Skype more than any other communication software. It is just like getting traditional landline calls with exceptionally nominal call charges. The chat feature is loaded with so many cool emoticons, stickers, and GIFs.
By Jason Bell

By Jason BellSeptember 15, 2021
Very reliable
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Skype is the best platform for file sharing, screen sharing, and above all communicating with other people in the organization. Especially since employees have started working remotely, skype has been extremely helpful in collaborating with clients and coordinating with the staff.
By Katrina Benett

By Katrina BenettSeptember 12, 2021
Versatile communicating platform
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Skype is quite a business-friendly platform to collaborate with clients and employees. The status feature of Skype tells if the person is available, busy, or inactive. It suits all types of organizations.
By Joseph Diaz

By Joseph DiazSeptember 04, 2021
Expensive data charges
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Skype is a very well-designed communication platform. It has a keen eye for detail in every Skype update. I have one minor problem, the Skype video and audio calling charges a lot of mobile data. It is good to have solid mobile data while using Skype.
By Alastair Dimick

By Alastair DimickAugust 20, 2021