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GoToMeeting is one of different communication software that is used in order to share screens and presentations over the web. You can meet with up to 250 people at a time.

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Hassle-Free Messaging
logo (4/5)

GoToMeeting is a one-stop solution for all the communication hurdles at the workplace. The communication software can be suited for all kinds of organizations. Its pricing is average but it is a pretty competitive tool.
By Kristina Gaga

By Kristina GagaSeptember 30, 2021
Good meeting tool
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GoToMeeting is a good platform if you are looking to upgrade your business communication requirements. It consumes lesser data than other platforms and has no technical issues while using it.
By Alexander Dollar

By Alexander DollarSeptember 20, 2021
Easy communication
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GoToMeeting enables easy scheduling of meetings with an inbuilt reminder feature. Users are facilitated with file-sharing options for smooth functioning. It has high video quality in video conferencing.
By Dave Flores

By Dave FloresSeptember 17, 2021
Virtually real
logo (5/5)

GoToMeeting offers rich features such as screen sharing, video conferencing, meeting recordings, and so much more. You can host large group meetings and record the sessions. You can also share the screens and take the responses of attendants during meetings.
By Bob Garcia

By Bob GarciaSeptember 12, 2021
Overall fine
logo (4/5)

If you use GoToMeeting for the first time, you might come across tricky bottlenecks while setting up new meetings, sharing the screen with colleagues, and others. The UI can be more user-friendly. Overall, it is good to go.
By Charlie Brown

By Charlie BrownSeptember 05, 2021
Average UI
logo (3/5)

My friends recommended it to me a couple of weeks ago. I feel like GoToMeeting is slow and has glitches in the screen sharing section of the software. The software gets stuck whenever I try and use my camera.
By Kate Santiago

By Kate SantiagoSeptember 01, 2021