logo is a cloud-based hosting platform that aims to help businesses host their applications in a straightforward manner. It is easy to use and can be used for small or large-sized companies as well. is a desktop as a service (DAAS), enabling access to cloud-generated desktop environments. In line with the reviews, it provides the opportunity to transform a variety of old and low-spec devices into fully functioning desktop computers. The cloud-generated desktops are integrated with a variety of applications for uses, such as word processing, coding, music production, and much more.

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Recent Reviews

Overall Great
logo (4/5)

My overall experience with is not bad, and I have enjoyed using the DaaS platform pretty much barring a few minor glitches. I decided to try because it seems the most affordable and pocket friendly software in the segment. With their yearly subscription for a cloud virtual desktop, simply stands out.
By Willy Stu

By Willy StuOctober 26, 2021
No issues so far!
logo (5/5)

It facilitates a breezy experience, which allows my employees to access virtual desktops, including all the files, apps, data, etc., over a networked device. It comes with an in-built cloud computing and cloud storage features that allow us to save all the progress on the cloud, which saves us time and confusion. Overall, it has been a very flexible tool.
By Leo Finn

By Leo FinnOctober 20, 2021
SaaS hosting review
logo (4/5)

Shells is simple, straightforward, and user-friendly. It has a great UI and decent pricing for the features it offers.
By Mia Hadid

By Mia HadidSeptember 18, 2021
Online storage provider
logo (4/5)

I have used Shells for a while now and must say that it is one of the best cloud storage providers in the industry. The UI is easy to use, although not very visually appealing.
By Georginia Grey

By Georginia GreySeptember 16, 2021
Data storage service provider
logo (3/5)

Shells is just another one of those generic cloud hosting services that you can find anywhere with nothing special about it, other than its simplicity. It boasts a user-friendly UI though, and it works well.
By Harry Scott

By Harry ScottSeptember 11, 2021
Secure storage service provider
logo (3/5)

Shells has good features, but the UI is not very intuitive. Overall I think it is an OK option for businesses looking to host their applications.
By Laura Hudson

By Laura HudsonSeptember 07, 2021
Free Cloud Storage Review
logo (3/5)

I have been using Shells during my free trial, and I must say that it offers great value for the price. The UI is easy to use, although not very attractive. However, its features make up for that.
By Jack Paul

By Jack PaulSeptember 05, 2021