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In line with Nutanix reviews, Nutanix Frame is a powerful DaaS provider that offers a wide range of features for every kind of business, irrespective of its size, kind, and nature. It is one of the best choices for SMBs and large enterprises alike. The setup is really easy and hardly takes any technical knowledge.

Nutanix Frame provides DaaS with an automated, fully managed cloud hosting service solution that simplifies the digital workspace’s continuous integration and delivery. As per the Nutanix Frame reviews, it delivers Windows and Linux apps and desktops to its end-users via web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer. Nutanix Frame provides a faster time to value and removes barriers to deliver and consume virtual desktops and virtual apps.

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Recent Nutanix Frame Reviews

Not bad option for desktop as a Service
logo (4/5)

What I like most about Nutanix Frame is its easy use, we can deploy these desktops and applications quickly and safely. It is done via the web using the https protocol and technologies such as html5 what that it does it fast and without importing much the Internet connection that we have we will be able to access our resources. I have used Nutanix Xi for a while now, there’s nothing that I can remember to complain about.
By Larry Sludge

By Larry SludgeOctober 29, 2021
Overall Fine
logo (4/5)

Nutanix XI Frame is a quite decent DaaS software that help small businesses like mine to access remote virtual desktops and stream multiple devices on a central platform as long as the devices are connected to a network. Makes my work easy to track and monitor employee progress.
By Cersei Headey

By Cersei HeadeyOctober 06, 2021
Nutanix XI Frame offers Value to Our Organization
logo (5/5)

I have been using Nutanix XI Frame during my free trial, and I must say that it offers great value for the price. It works very well on slow internet connections, and the UI is easy to use.
By Xavier Washington

By Xavier WashingtonSeptember 19, 2021
Nutanix XI Frame is Easy and Quick
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Nutanix XI Frame saved us time, centralized everything and helped use in enhancing our productivity. Overall it is a very good DaaS provider.
By Jack Williams

By Jack WilliamsSeptember 17, 2021
Cloud DaaS at its Best
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Disaster recovery service from Nutanix XI Frame is simple to use, and it works well too. However, there are cheaper and better alternatives for online storage in the market.
By Nigel Paul

By Nigel PaulSeptember 13, 2021
Nutanix XI Frame Offers a Clean Interface
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The main reason to choose Nutanix XI Frame is its centralized management tool. It has an OK UI but could be better for an enterprise-level product.
By Richard Reade

By Richard ReadeSeptember 05, 2021
Wide Range of Features
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The main reason to choose Nutanix XI Frame is its Data Room service. It has a decent UI and great features, but it is overpriced in the industry. Although there are better providers, Horizon offers a wide range of features.
By Elizabeth Mendes

By Elizabeth MendesSeptember 02, 2021