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ProofHub makes all of your team’s work easier. They offer a suite of apps that make project management smoother and faster than ever before, including task tracking, time monitoring, file sharing capabilities for Microsoft Office documents or photos, chat features to help with communication in real-time

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A Complete Hub for Project Management
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The ease with which you can use ProofHub to plan your tasks is the biggest plus of this software. I also love that I can set a start and end date for the tasks while assigning them so that everyone in the team has a clear understanding of their deadlines.
By Sage Fernandez

By Sage FernandezNovember 24, 2021
Fast, Secure, and Reliable
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We have used many tools, but none of it has helped us the way ProofHub did. It made it super easy for our team to work together efficiently. We can now easily keep track of our team’s performance using task management features like custom workflows, Table View, and board view. As there are more than 50 people in our team, communication gets very chaotic, but ProofHub helps us all remain on the same page.
By Jake Peralta

By Jake PeraltaNovember 19, 2021
Intuitive and Simple!
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ProofHub is undoubtedly a simplified, straightforward, and trustworthy project management software that can be bought without having a major impact on the company budget. Overall, it is a good software.
By Mike Litt

By Mike LittOctober 07, 2021
Great Service
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ProofHub provides access to an extensive knowledge base of premium managing software. It is a very sophisticated set of tools and has the perfect UI for all businesses.
By Emma Cruise

By Emma CruiseSeptember 20, 2021
Outstanding UI
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Regular updates on product features make ProofHub the better of all other Management Software. It is a one-stop solution for seamless and trouble-free management of projects and employee productivity.
By Ellysa Roberts

By Ellysa RobertsSeptember 04, 2021
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Managing tasks and clients are on the go with ProofHub’s ultra-premium Project Management Software. It has a perfect UI that suits all kinds of businesses. The software demands regular maintenance, but otherwise, it’s one of its kind.
By Joseph Clarke

By Joseph ClarkeAugust 22, 2021
Professional Tool
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ProofHub has enables easy collaboration with employees. It is an impressive software that shuns all your queries that are related to remote work monitoring. A must-have for businesses that have employees working remotely.
By Monte Carls

By Monte CarlsAugust 17, 2021
UI Can Do Better
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ProofHub’s time tracking has technical issues. It lacks accuracy while tracking the amount that is taken by a project to complete. Its UI is also quite outdated. Overall, it is an average project management software.
By Sasha Emanuel

By Sasha EmanuelAugust 13, 2021