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Inkscape is a feature-packed design software that has powerful tracing, editing and drawing features. It has impressive in-built tools that you can use to edit your vector objects easily.

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The go-to tool for geeks
logo (4/5)

While working with Inkscape, I have the freedom to create designs in any non-vector drawing program. I can later vectorize the art and graphics and add any final touches through Inkscape, which has been phenomenally helpful in both my personal and professional work.
By Jason Moore

By Jason MooreNovember 12, 2021
Not bad option for desktop as a Service
logo (4/5)

Inkspace is a free and open source graphic designing software, I no need any license to use it for my business or household services. I used it on Windows, Linux and Mac with the same simplicity. I think that the function “vectorize bitmap” can be very helpful for making several vectors starting from an image or a video. You can find a lot of projects made in SVG format which is a native format of Inkscape. If Inkscape is developed in some bug or limitations will be a strong alternative to a professional suite.
By Jeremiah Lella

By Jeremiah LellaNovember 01, 2021
Easy design tool for sure
logo (5/5)

This tool is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a simple yet effective tool as it does what is required. A lot of people are also complaining about the lack of support, but as for me I don’t need any support when it comes to use simple tools.
By Gary Hughes

By Gary HughesSeptember 10, 2021
Solid foundation
logo (5/5)

Inkscape is one of the most powerful design programs available in market these days. The software supports full design tools which gives you complete control over everything.
By Phil Warner

By Phil WarnerSeptember 01, 2021
Simple and fast tool!
logo (5/5)

I tried using several design software packages but none of them could match Inkscape’s simplicity and reliability during my work.This is one great program that you shouldn’t be missing out on if you are a designer.
By Jose Brooks

By Jose BrooksAugust 12, 2021
The best one so far!
logo (4/5)

I’ve tried other tools but this is the best one so far! I am really amazed with the way the software works, I find it easy to use and quite intuitive. Full of features which makes my work simple and enjoyable.
By Melissa Cox

By Melissa CoxAugust 03, 2021
Great for designing logo’s
logo (4/5)

Inkscape is a great program for creating beautiful graphic designs, if you are looking for some serious design software then this one will be your go-to solution . It’s great for creating logo designs, and its very forgiving when it comes to making mistakes.
By Brenda Long

By Brenda LongJuly 22, 2021