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A popular CRM software, PipeDrive is used to manage leads, sales, prospects and customers. The software is pretty flexible and easy to use while keeping the data secure. It has a mobile app which makes it easier to access the information from anywhere anytime

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Slow Response by The Customer Executives
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Sometimes, while managing docs on the disk management platform, I get some errors regarding storage. Even after changing the settings, I keep on getting the same message. I contacted the customer support executives, and they are very slow in responding to me.
By Leah Spacey

By Leah SpaceyFebruary 14, 2022
Great tool for Customer Relationship Management
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Pipedrive is one of the good tools one can use for deal management and sales tracking. With Pipedrive software, one can easily track activities, configure email campaigns, and get valuable insights. You can also easily tag individuals to organizations and activities for easy automated tracking.
By Judy Well

By Judy WellFebruary 11, 2022
Marketing made Easy
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Pipedrive allows you to keep all the actions carried out in a file (notes, calls, follow-ups, emails, reminders, tasks, etc.) The system always offers to plan the next step and build your calendar in advance – no more sleepless days! Searching is easy to avoid duplicating work with another colleague and wasting time.
By Richard Kneel

By Richard KneelDecember 31, 2021
It works for us
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All in all, we like Pipedrive because it provides excellent value for money, regardless of subscription level. It’s quick and simple to use, and it’s based on real-world sales expertise. The sales manager can also go deeper into the database to find the reports he or she needs.
By Ryan Theron

By Ryan TheronDecember 17, 2021
Love the user interface
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Pipedrive is a super customizable CRM software that conveniently allows us to have our sales, automation, and report flows. Some SAAS CRM has functionalities you need to accustom to. In this case, we feel that the system is accustomed to our business needs. The insight calculation can be further improved.
By Gina Oswald

By Gina OswaldDecember 06, 2021
PipeDrive is quick and easy!
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PipeDrive is a great CRM solution for small businesses and it doesn’t take much time or money to install. I would highly recommend this software.
By Jack Grewlish

By Jack GrewlishSeptember 14, 2021
A good CRM
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Now that Salesforce has bought PipeDrive, they have really stepped up their game! They now provide more features than before, at a lower price point. Amazing!
By Rita lipa

By Rita lipaSeptember 07, 2021
A Complete CRM Softwaree
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I was able to set up Salesforce with my team very easily – it really is a simple process, and the user-friendly interface means you can get connected pretty quickly.
By Zack Bryan

By Zack BryanSeptember 02, 2021
One of the best solutions for managing leads
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The best thing about PipeDrive is its visual workflow builder! It lets me create powerful processes so I can automate my lead activity. This helps me grow my small business without hiring a single employee
By Mikal Owen

Mikal OwenAugust 16, 2021
5 Even better than expected
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I was not sure if PipeDrive would be good for growing my small business, but it has turned out to be one of the best solutions I have tried in a long time. My sales are up 50% thanks to this great CRM software!
By Elizabeth Grey

By Elizabeth GreyAugust 11, 2021