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Insightly is another popular free CRM software for small businesses. Its not only for handling your contacts, but also for creating team tasks and managing social media presence.

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Zero Downtime
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Insightly’s interface is very user-friendly. There is no downtime since we have been using it for over seven years. It is customizable and integrates with functional data storage, i.e., Google Drive and One Drive. I use Insightly for connecting with customers over emails.
By Kevin Crystal

By Kevin CrystalJanuary 19, 2022
Amazing software for sales and marketing purposes
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There are a lot of great things to admire about Insightly CRM. This CRM avails excellent features to be used regularly and is pretty easy to maneuver. Customer relationships can easily be incorporated with the courtesy of this great application. We are exhilarated using Insightly CRM.
By Denise Johnson

By Denise JohnsonDecember 14, 2021
Not bad
logo (3/5)

Insightly CRM is a versatile platform for growing businesses across all industries, including manufacturing, health & wellness, media, education, retail, construction, etc. It has an integrated set of tools whose performance is pretty decent. But I think the customer support staff is not friendly and cooperative.
By Stuart Christian

By Stuart ChristianOctober 11, 2021
A powerful business management tool for growing startups
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Insightly is also a very powerful CRM software, perfect for managing your customer relationships in the same way that PipeDrive does. With its help, I can effortlessly manage all of my contacts and leads.
By Jake Paul

By Jake PaulSeptember 15, 2021
InkSpace is secure and profitable
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InkSpace’s powerful business management tools make it the best cloud-based CRM software for small businesses. I can track and manage my sales, marketing activities, and expenses with ease.
By Kendall Hadid

By Kendall HadidSeptember 09, 2021
4 Pretty good information system
logo (4/5)

Inkspace is a reliable and quick business management software for small and medium sized companies. From my experience, I can strongly recommend it to others as a very good tool that helps you manage your business processes.
By Cody Rode

By Cody RodeSeptember 05, 2021
Saves me time AND money!
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InkSpace has helped our company manage their inventory, employee information, and customer base with ease.
By William Grand

By William GrandSeptember 02, 2021
Not as good as I thought it would be
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The biggest problem with the software is that it does not fully synchronize with other apps I use to grow my business. It often duplicates contact information and gets out of sync with some products.
By Garry Stark

By Garry StarkAugust 28, 2021