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Office 365 is a popular office suite software from Microsoft that includes all of the Office apps and lets you use them on your PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. There is popular subscription plan for home users which gives members unlimited access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote and allows up to five people in the household who can use it at anytime they want.

Recent Office 365 Reviews

Raising the Benchmark
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I like that you can save documents on your computer. It’s very customizable. It offers a variety of tools for an excellent corporation. It’s super reliable, and you can install their license on every computer. You can work even without the need for the internet.
By Glen Schumacher

By Glen SchumacherJanuary 21, 2022
Love the user interface
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Office 365 allows us to connect to other apps very easily. The software has an application within office 365 to automate the process such as workflow. It also has a planner who does the task management for us. The user interface ensures that you can look for any articles in one place.
By Jose Arzoumanian

By Jose Arzoumanian December 08, 2021
Very Easy for Creating and Editing Documents
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It offers the possibility of saving all the work in different formats, allowing better compatibility and document creation. It is a pretty neat and clean word processing software for creating documents outlines and details. Outstanding program and product, and very affordable, compared to other systems of similar type.
By Tommy Henriquez

By Tommy Henriquez November 19, 2021
Remarkable software
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Office 365 offers in-built chat provisions which makes it very easy to communicate important info on the app itself. It is very helpful in avoiding spam filtering.
By Amber Luke

By Amber LukeSeptember 19, 2021
Multi-purpose software
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You can use Office 365 for corporate as well as personal purposes. One of the most important benefits of Office 365 for your business is that more than one person can work on the same document.
By Sydney Maria

By Sydney MariaSeptember 12, 2021
Brilliant UI
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Having used almost all Suite Software, none comes close to Office 365. It has a mind-blowing UI that is very easy to learn and operate. With each update, Office 365 keeps setting the bar higher than before.
By Mike Evans

By Mike EvansSeptember 01, 2021
Good, but expensive
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I like that communication is enabled, and most of its features are built in a way that allows simultaneous editing. This is great especially when the user is collaborating on different sheets, docs, or presentations. It also charges way more than its competitors.
By Claire Madison

By Claire MadisonAugust 27, 2021
Mobile app lags
logo (3/5)

Office 365 is a helpful tool that integrates several files under one system but the Mobile App version has several glitches. It automatically shuts down when I use it for more than 30 minutes in a go, and the app UI also isn’t up to the mark.
By Lucas Faith

By Lucas FaithAugust 17, 2021