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G Suite offers profitable office suite tools like Gmail, Google Docs and Calendar. It’s an affordable service that includes all essential office suite features such as word processing, spreadsheet or presentation software. The system can be used for personal use but also in business settings like customer relationship management (CRM) tool where information is shared across the company.

Recent G Suite Reviews

Made my Life Easy
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I have done several photoshoots for clients and can upload their images to an individualized folder on G Suite applications with a link that will allow them access to that folder within my Google Drive. This is super helpful in keeping storage space free on my laptop and ensuring that the photos are easily accessible for my clients to download and save on their own devices for prints.
By Ivan Sedran

By Ivan SedranJanuary 14, 2022
Excellent Office Suite
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Me and my team use several G suite features such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Meet, Chat, Calendar, etc. I love the fact that multiple team members can work on a single assignment. For example, I and my assistant want to assess and review a doc file, we can simply access the google doc link and commence working on it. I love G Suite.
By Jessica Butler

By Jessica ButlerDecember 23, 2021
Google is the Best
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I use G Suite primarily because of its integrations, simplicity, and level of security that Google Workspace offers. I can save notes in an orderly manner which enables me to access them whenever I need them quickly. Overall, it is the best Office Suite software for commercial as well as domestic use.
By Jon Maynard

By Jon MaynardOctober 12, 2021
Simply Amazingt
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G Suite is the pioneer software in collaboration tools, and it has a lot of features that facilitate collaboration amongst the employees, colleagues, and other staff members.
By Zoe Efron

By Zoe EfronSeptember 18, 2021
Advance Feautures
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The collaboration features and file management system of G Suite are world-class. I and my team can use G Suite virtually for any project. It is user-friendly for the user.
By Winnie West

By Winnie West September 11, 2021
Cost-Effective Platform
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G Suite is pretty intuitive, easy to set up, and works in collaboration with the office ecosystem. The interface is also brilliant. G Suite very efficiently integrates all the data and systems.
By Daniel Grace

By Daniel GraceSeptember 02, 2021
Well Integrated
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G Suite’s main advantage is that all your documents are stored in the cloud. You can access, modify, and share them anytime and from anywhere in the world.
By Josh Austin

By Josh AustinAugust 21, 2021
Good for Basics
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Like most Google Products, G Suite is also a premium software that includes everything under one domain, which makes it very easy to use and administer. G Suite has a remarkable customer support service.
By Samantha Haley

By Samantha HaleyAugust 04, 2021