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livedrive is a cloud backup solution that helps you to easily keep the copies of your files anywhere in the world. The interface is very easy to use, and it allows you to access all your backups from any device with a single login.

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Decent Backup Tool
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Priced at a very decent cost, Livedrive is a robust tool that offers unlimited storage for a single computer requirement. It would be a lot nicer if the software had some standard scheduling tools. For premium plans, it offers convenient syncing between various devices, which is great.
By Mickey Slater

By Mickey SlaterJanuary 13, 2022
Not Bad!
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livedrive provides my firm vast storage for a single hosted server, but the different tiers have different set of features. It also lacks some standard scheduling and encryption options. Overall, it is an average set of data backup tools.
By Jazz Malone

By Jazz MaloneSeptember 30, 2021
Good for storage volume
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I was able to store a lot of data on livedrive. With the 2TB storage space I had, there was plenty of room to back up all my pictures, videos, and files. The unlimited bandwidth also allowed me to keep backing up more and more files whenever needed.
By Sandra Smith

By Sandra SmithSeptember 21, 2021
Good for portability and accessibility
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It is easy to move my backups from one place to another. All I have to do is make sure that the files are stored in the cloud.
By Lee Rubin

By Lee RubinSeptember 14, 2021
Easy to Use
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It has an easy user interface. Great!
By Liza Froz

By Liza FrozSeptember 13, 2021
Safety of Data
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The safety of my data is really important to me. livedrive’s servers are backed up by a multi-layered security system so I know that all my backups will be perfectly safe and secure.
By Steve Nicol

By Steve NicolSeptember 08, 2021
Ratings are good
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Simply love the Easy to Use for Beginners, Data Backup and File recovery. The tool is quite popoular, easy and featured packed with the best tools.
By Becca Druv

By Becca DruvSeptember 02, 2021