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Carbonite is a full-fleged backup solution that offers an easy and reliable way to back up all your data. The interface is clean, simple to use, and very straightforward so even people who are new to backup tools can get the most of this app.

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Not Bad for Performing Data Backup
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Carbonite backup tools offer an intelligent backup plan that automatically backs up my desktop and local documents. It is also elementary to select files to back up on the fly. Additionally, I selected a time to back up files that did not interfere with my work schedule.
By Lucas Gong

By Lucas GongDecember 27, 2021
Unlimited Online Storage for 1 computer
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There are a lot of advantages of using Carbonite Data Backup Tools. For example it allows unlimited online backup storage for a computer, file explorer integrations, continuous backup options, and more. However, it is costly for consumers and a mobile application would be a game changer.
By Ryan Danell

By Ryan DanellDecember 14, 2021
Fast and Simple
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Carbonite makes it super easy to use its advanced tools and features, and their support team is also accommodating, which always solves our problems whenever we are in trouble. It is the fastest computer backup software that stores data in an organized way so you can easily access it anytime. It also offers a free trial, so it helps you learn its basics for free. It always keeps auto backing up your files to create or change backup sets easily.
By Carl Campbell

By Carl CampbellNovember 22, 2021
Keeps the Data Safe
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Carbonite made it easy to design a backup plan specific to my hard drive configuration. It also suggested a smart backup that automatically backed up my desktop and my documents. It is also very simple to select files to back up on the fly. Additionally, I was able to select a time to back up files that did not interfere with my work schedule.
By Leonardo Shepherd

By Leonardo ShepherdNovember 11, 2021
Satisfactory Tools!
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Carbonite is a suite of competitive data backup tools that protects all my data that I have got on multiple computer systems. It minimizes the chances of losing data in case of a disaster or an accident. Though the features are nice, but the customer support service is not as good as it should be.
By Ricky Young

By Ricky YoungOctober 06, 2021
Easy to set up and use
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The whole process of setting up Carbonite is super easy. The installation wizard makes it simple for users to set up an account and start backing up their data right away.
By John Smith

By Steven FloresSeptember 20, 2021
Good for storage volume
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I was able to store a lot of data on Carbonite. With the 1TB storage space I had, there was plenty of room to back up all my pictures, videos, and files. The unlimited bandwidth also allowed me to keep backing up more and more files whenever needed.
By Sandra Smith

By Sandra SmithSeptember 12, 2021
Intuitive interface helps us focus on backups
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The interface is intuitive and helps us focus on backups. The clean design and layout are great for beginners who want a simple solution without additional distractions.
By Jason Nelson

By Jason NelsonSeptember 07, 2021
Carbonit is safe to use
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The safety of my data is really important to me. Carbonite’s servers are backed up by a multi-layered security system so I know that all my backups will be perfectly safe and secure.
By Steven Flores

By Steven FloresSeptember 05, 2021
Easy to use for beginners
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For people who don’t have much experience in data backup and cloud storage, Carbonite is a really good option. The easy-to-use interface does not only make the installation process very simple, but also makes it easier to use this app every day without any obstacles or frustrations.
By Lee Rubin

By Lee RubinSeptember 02, 2021