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Google Backup and Sync is a popular data backup software. Google has made it easy to sync and back up data, including photos from your phone or tablet to the cloud. It’s a great tool for freeing up space on your device while also keeping copies of important information in case anything happens to your devices.

Recent Google Backup and Sync Reviews

Affordable and Reliable
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The software’s latest version has come with a really intuitive user interface which has made navigation of tools pretty smooth. With Google’s Backup and Sync tools, users can access, edit, and share files from anywhere with the help of internet.
By Elon Grande
By Elon GrandeJanuary 03, 2022
Compatible and Competitive
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Google backup and sync is a very pocket friendly suite of data backup tools, which support automation sync, easy integration, and a fantastic user interface. Me and my team save all our data on this software and we are loving everything bit of it.
By Michelle Macht
By Michelle MachtOctober 15, 2021
The best in the business
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Google’s Backup and Sync tool offers an easy data backup solution. They offer cloud storage backups and they also have an on-premise solution for larger companies with multiple offices or locations that need to be backed up
By Alexa Jones
By Alexa JonesSeptember 14, 2021
Easy Setup
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The best part? The setup process is really easy! All you need is a Google account and that’s it. It’s easy, simple, and quick. And don’t worry, you can always use the free version if you’re just an individual or your company is small and doesn’t need to be backed up in multiple locations.
By Jass Baron
By Jass BaronSeptember 11, 2021
Simple to use and manage
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The Backup and Sync tool is easy to understand, even for those who are not computer savvy. You can quickly find your data with a few clicks of the button!
By Kevin Murphy
By Kevin MurphySeptember 06, 2021
Google has made data backups really easy
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Google has made the task of backing up your files, documents, and photos so easy with Backup and Sync. It’s incredibly fast to back things up too – just a few clicks and all your data is secured instantly.
By Adam Reigh
By Adam ReighSeptember 05, 2021
Don’t need no more tools
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The Backup and Sync tool takes care of everything for you, without the use of any other tools. It’s all in one place – your data is backed up automatically which means there are no worries about losing anything important!
By Usher Thomson
By Usher ThomsonAugust 23, 2021