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Genie9 is an affordable cloud backup service that provides a secure data storage solution. They are helping individuals and businesses to protect their data using cloud backups. It currently protects the data of over 3 million users across the world.

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Great Disaster Recovery Tools
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Genie9 has an intelligent set of back up sets and purging tools. A few months ago, I had a server failure and all my data on the server was formatted. But thankfully, my data was backed up with Genie 9, and I restored it effortlessly.
By Ernie West

By Ernie WestFebruary 11, 2022
Love the User Interface
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Genie Backup Manager offers backups with AES encryption, which is the most reliable security algorithm today. I also like that the software allows you to schedule the backup with date and time, as well as you decide whether to do it with the session open or not. It also has several energy options that are very useful.
By Erik Joan

By Erik JoanNovember 08, 2021
Pro version is a game changer
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When it comes to data backup tools, Genie9’s backup manager is one of my top picks ever. It is designed by keeping in mind the consumer needs that offers modern features and tools such as recovery time objective, disaster recovery solutions, and much much more. Although the basic plan of the platform is average performing, but the Genie9 pro is truly trail blazing!-
By Natasha Jewel

By Natasha JewelOctober 26, 2021
Simple and Nice
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I use Genie9 for creating simple file backups on workstations, and while the network lacks enterprise functionality, it performs really well on the individual workstations as well. I can also schedule and select files to back up at my convenience. Overall, it is a good software which helps you get data backup activity logs over mail.-
By Amy Stoinis

By Amy StoinisOctober 20, 2021
Good value and I like the desktop client
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I am satisfied with Genie9’s performance because it is offered at affordable prices and it has a quick customer service response. I love the fact that Genie9 provides a desktop client in its tool suite to make things easier for users.
By Carlos Anderson

By Carlos AndersonSeptember 15, 2021
Decent backup manager
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I’m really impressed with Genie9’s high-speed uploads and downloads across different devices.
By Keith Morris

By Keith MorrisSeptember 05, 2021
Efficient and good value
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I was searching for a cloud backup solution that would allow me to easily save files from my computer and access them from anywhere. Genie9 was exactly what I needed because their service is very efficient, as well as time-saving.
By Katie Johnson

By Katie JohnsonAugust 26, 2021
Attractive UI
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I’ve tried several cloud backup services but I must say that Genie9 is the best. Reason being, its intuitive and friendly-to-use interface, which makes it really easy to use and navigate!
By Michael Robinson

By Michael RobinsonAugust 22, 2021
Pricing is on the upper side
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Genie9’s price is definitely questionable if compared to other cloud backup services with similar backup tools. Otherwise, it offers really handy tools through which one is able keep and store files on its cloud.
By Laura Turner

By Laura TurnerAugust 19, 2021