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FreeCAD has gained a lot of attention since its inception. The tool has the ability to create your 3D models from scratch with a wide array of tools and also has the ability to convert other formats into its own. This could become very useful if you’re working with limited time or resources!

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Contains all the Basic CAD tools
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If you need a CAD software for reviewing 3D design models, look no further than FreeCAD. Although, if you need a solution that provides commercial solutions as well, then you may explore other CAD options. Overall, nothing more is needed in a basic FreeCAD software.
By Billy Spencer

By Billy SpencerFebruary 03, 2022
3D Designing is Spot on
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FreeCAD solution allows effective customization on its 3D tools, the sketching experience is excellent, and even its 3D visualization ability is impressive and valuable. Further, it provides a detailed view of the drawings from various dimensions. While making 3D modes, I can impart various color schemes to the already designed product; whenever I miss any session, it saves my file and helps me in easy working well.
By Olivia Bench

By Olivia BenchNovember 20, 2021
Average Software
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FreeCAD software is in BETA with problems in common options such as do not undo. Also, every once in a while the software misbehaves while working on complex and tedious tasks. The CAD software works fine on 2D designing and while working on micro designing.
By Angelo Mara

By Angelo MaraOctober 08, 2021
Best for Beginners
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FreeCAD is a secure , free software tool for Windows, Linux and MacOS. It is also available on Steam . Its open source nature has allowed this tool to grow at an incredible rate , with a very active user base always adding new tools and features to its already impressive array of capabilities.
By Johnny Black

By Johnny BlackSeptember 19, 2021
Highly Recommended for emerging businesses
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I’d recommend FreeCAD software to all different business organizations , beginning from your very first days of formation. This is because this software can be used to create models in the 2D format , together with 3D formats .
By Theresa Martinez

By Theresa MartinezSeptember 12, 2021
Intuitive Use Experience
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It has an intuitive UI that gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to designing and developing different types of objects, and also allows for both parametric as well as non -paramagnetic modeling . Being a parametric tool , FreeCAD allows you to complete various design tasks much quicker than other similar software packages on the market.
By Mike Roy

By Mike RoySeptember 01, 2021
FreeCAD is Simple and Straightforward
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FreeCAD is not only easy to use , but also leads you step by step through the whole modeling process. This software was made with students in mind, as it provides an extensive set of exercises and projects that all revolve around CAD systems .
By Ralph Patterson

By Ralph PattersonAugust 12, 2021
It is Versatile and Open – Sourcel
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FreeCAD can be used for practically any kind of project and task. The tool can be used for 3D modeling, 2D drafting , workflow solutions, visual scripting , and much more. One more important fact that makes FreeCAD stand out is that it is an open – source software . This means that the tool can be freely modified in order to fit the user’s needs.
By Danielle Collins

By Danielle CollinsAugust 07, 2021