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Creo is a complete CAD software that comes with a very intuitive interface. All of the tools can be easily accessed from the main toolbar, while customizing it is effortless. This software is more than just a simple 3D modeling tool because it provides support for integrated product development and collaboration.

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Great 3D Parametric Software
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Assembly is very intuitive with Creo. Mapkeys and family tables are also great. It saves time while doing repeating work.. It provides better management for external references, rendering enhanced but simple to use UI. According to company executives, lots of improvements are coming in upcoming versions.
By Nelson Paterson

By Nelson PatersonJanuary 27, 2022
Easy Designing and Data Management
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We can do robust & complex modeling & designing with Creo’s CAD software tools. Most of the leading MFG industries rely their design & data on PTC. If it maintains the quality and continuously improves user-friendliness, it can become the sole leader in PLM management software across multiple industries.
By Tina George

By Tina GeorgeDecember 03, 2021
Top Class UI!
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Creo has a very accessible user interface that can be navigated even by people that are new to the field. At my architecture firm, we have been using Creo as our #1 CAD Software for more than 5 years now, its brilliant at what it does.
By Andrew Ponting

By Andrew PontingOctober 05, 2021
It is Full Featured
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Creo contains all the features that one would expect from a productive CAD software. It is able to handle multiple files and allows the user to work on several projects at once. The interface can be easily customized, allowing the user to make Creo look like their own creation.
By Louis Osteen

By Louis OsteenSeptember 20, 2021
CAD Program for Beginners
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I’d recommend Creo to all the people who are new to the field of CAD and 3D modeling. It is easy to use, intuitive and very well organized .
By Elijah Bricks

By Elijah BricksSeptember 11, 2021
Offers Great Help Systemd
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Creo has really great help system that explains every feature in details and makes learning Creo a breeze for any beginner. The AutoCAD alike interface allows the users to easily manage all of their projects.
By Wayne Clinton

By Wayne ClintonSeptember 03, 2021
Great Value for Money
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Creo offers great value for money, since you are paying a very modest price compared to other 3D modeling CAD programs and you get much more quality and performance than any of the most expensive alternatives.
By Juan Lauren

By Juan LaurenAugust 27, 2021
Average in the Category
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Creo is not the best in the class and does not offer great features for example if you want to use it for 3D animation. But the price tag is also significantly lower than other programs that are more specialized in animation.
By Vincent Evans

By Vincent EvansAugust 15, 2021