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WPS Office is a popular office suite software that is free to use. It includes features like two-pane interface, quick start templates and supports all major document formats.

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Great For Managing Docs
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The above mentioned advantages of using WPS office are a 100% correct and reliable. The office suite platform is genuinely one of its kind. I have never come across any platform till now that offers these many features and tools totally free of cost. The only drawback is that while working on it in online mode, there are too many ads!
By Martina Cobb

By Martina CobbMarch 14, 2021
The Mobile Application is Nice
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There are many good things about WPS Office, and the best part is its ability to convert word files to PDF. I use its mobile version, which is quite intuitive. You can also recover deleted files, different kinds of Templates, and so much more. It has an automatic spell checker, so it does not need to worry about spelling mistakes during fast typing. You can open different formats of files other than word format. It has built-in charts also available in tiny download sizes. You can even open all received files in one place.
By Sage Fames

By Sage FamesDecember 28, 2021
Free and great support
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It has a built-in PDF editor. That seems to be an underrated feature that all office tools should have incorporated. I also very much liked how beautiful WPS looks and how easy it is to navigate. Overall, WPS has helped me to send signed business documents without pen and paper. I have been using it for more than a year now.
By Melanie Zander

By Melanie ZanderNovember 09, 2021
Great tool
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The best thing about WPS Office is the fact that it can open any format of a document on your device. It has a very attractive UI that is incredibly easy to use. Also, it consumes very little space on your phone.
By Peter Blake

By Peter BlakeSeptember 18, 2021
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WPS offers most of the features free of cost. The premium features are generally for tech geeks, even those features are available at very reasonable costs. If you’re looking for a platform that maneuvers through different documents, WPS is a perfect fit.
By Brian Codey

By Brian CodeySeptember 08, 2021
Complete Tool
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There are many cool features in WPS Office but the best part is that you can convert Word files to PDF and you can edit them as well. You can see your files in Table Format, can recover deleted files, and so much more.
By Mike Evans

By Mike EvansAugust 31, 2021
Hassle-Free editing and conversion
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As a writer, you can create content from anywhere and it quite easy to learn without spending much. It also gives me the Liberty to write and edit in different fonts and styles.
By Destiny Tyler

By Destiny TylerAugust 21, 2021
Too much ads
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Undoubtedly, WPS Office is a clean software that offers sharp editing & conversion tools, but one thing that irritates me a lot is that it shows too much ads even while I’m in the middle of a project.
By Ashley Olive

By Ashley OliveAugust 11, 2021