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Wave Accounting Software believes small businesses are at the heart of our communities, and updating them is worth the cost. Wave Accounting Software reviews state that this platform appeals to freelancers and independent contractors to improve accuracy in reporting, estimates, and budget creation. The Wave accounting platform has outstanding features such as invoice and transaction management, context-sensitive help, double-entry accounting, and much more. It streamlines the preparation of various accounts such as Inventory, Sales, Trading Accounts, and so much more.

Recent Wave Accounting Software Reviews

Ideal For Small Enterprises
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For my small business, there isn’t much more I can ask for from Wave. It is free for the capabilities I require and allows me to accept only ACH or credit card payments for a reasonable charge. I only pay a specific percentage when I use those features, so I can simply turn it off and receive a check from a client without having to pay anything. Great adaptability!
By Heather Portman

By Heather Portman

January 25, 2022

Great value for money
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Overall, if you own a business and want minimal charges and a simple way to handle your accounts, I definitely recommend Wave. Wave makes it so much easier for me to stay on top of things and know where I need to put my energy because my business is simplistic.
By Avery Harding

By Avery Harding January 10, 2022
The template section is so good
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Wave accounting is pretty easy and convenient to install. It includes templates based on our type of business, making it simple to get started. The interface is pleasing and includes basic functionality for small businesses (e.g., retail or Service-oriented). Setup time is minutes and requires no prior accounting knowledge. Their Help Section has a great Getting Started Video series that’s reasonably effective and educational for beginners.
By Christa Noah

By Christa Noah December 09, 2021
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Wave accounting has been very instrumental in preparing and maintaining my accounts. It has streamlined creation of debtors a/c, creditors a/c, bills outstanding a/c, etc., which reflects the financial status of the business whenever I wish to have a look at it. Great UI, great customer support, and a great accounting software.
By Diva Schumacher

By Diva Schumacher October 07, 2021
Easy to Use Accounting Solution
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Wave is really easy to work with. The interface is very intuitive and I was able to set up my account in under an hour, which would have taken much longer if I had gone through the manual process. A good option for sure.
By Amanda Carter

By Amanda CarterSeptember 18, 2021
Great features for small businesses
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I’ve used Wave for over a year now and I love it. It’s so easy to use, which is great for me as an accountant because my clients don’t have any difficulty understanding how we’re handling their money. Wave offers a great set of features that are perfect for small business owners.
By Chloe Cerny

By Chloe Cerny September 14, 2021
Great Support
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Thanks to the team at Wave, we’ve been able to scale up our business without worrying about the software. The interface is a bit average, still they offer great support for the product.
By Kylie Campbell

By Kylie CampbellSeptember 08, 2021
Simple to Understand and Learn for the product
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II found Wave and after reading reviews on it online, as well as chatting with their team, I knew this one was the right fit. It’s so easy to use, which is great because my clients don’t have any difficulty understanding how we’re handling their money and other financial matters.
By Lindsay Weir

By Lindsay WeirSeptember 01 ,2021
A complete accounting tool
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Wave offers a great set of features that are perfect for small business owners. It’s an easy to use accounting software, but it doesn’t stop there. I can also monitor my cash flow and anticipate upcoming issues like paying taxes or meeting payroll requirements.
By Daniel Desario

By Daniel DesarioAugust 28, 2021
One-stop solution for Accounting
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Wave is a one-stop solution for all of my accounting needs. I can’t imagine having to use multiple programs or applications in order to handle each one of my day-to-day tasks, so it’s a relief that Wave offers them all and they’re very easy to access from the dashboard.
By Nick Andropolis

By Nick AndropolisAugust 23, 2021
Couldn’t have asked for more
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I am very satisfied with the service Wave has provided for me. I have been using it to handle my personal and business accounting needs, as well as payroll. The software is easy enough that anyone could use it and their customer support team is always there when you need them
By Kim Kelly

By Kim KellyAugust 16, 2021
Customer Support Needs Improvement
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Wave is a nice piece of software, but their customer service is not so great. I had a problem with my account and was told to call back on Monday morning because they were closed when I called. When I did contact them the next day, it took me quite some time before someone could help me and even then she wasn’t all that helpful.
By Ellie Roberts

By Ellie RobertsAugust 11, 2021
The best you can ask for in this price range!
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Wave Accounting is a great software for the price. I’ve been using it as my sole accounting software for years and have had no problems with any of their updates. They also have great customer service, so if you ever need them they are there to help!
Isabell Hill

Isabell HillAugust 05, 2021
Little complex for beginners
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I’ve been using Wave for years as my sole accounting software. It does take some getting used to and it’s not intuitive, but once you get the hang of things look out!
By Ruby Scott

By Ruby ScottJuly 21, 2021