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V2 Cloud is a popular DaaS provider and is best for small businesses. It offers world-class features at unbelievable prices, and its Desktop virtualization doesn’t have to be complicated. V2 Cloud reviews claim that V2 Cloud can be the perfect tool that you can use for effective and efficient DaaS solutions. V2 Cloud enables users to work closely with Independent Software Vendors, Business owners, Managed Service Providers, IT managers, and many others to grow their businesses with the Cloud. As a fully integrated Desktop-as-a-Service solution (DaaS), users can focus on speed and simplicity so that they can work faster from anywhere.

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Recent V2 Cloud Reviews

Good Choice for Small Businesses
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It has given my clients the ability to run my desktop application remotely in the cloud and from any location. As a software developer, this saved me many hours of new development work and allowed me to compete with organizations who had previously invested heavily in building browser-based applications.
By Steve Baker

By Steve BakerMarch 02, 2022
Great Tool, but a little expensive
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I am using V2 Cloud since the beginning of coronavirus pandemic, and I have not faced any major tussle while using V2 Cloud so far. It helps me to run remote work operations smoothly without employees coming to the office. My team can access their office desktop application at home seamlessly. But I feel, the platform is priced at a little extra cost as compared to its competitors.
By Lead Remeni

By Lead RemeniFebruary 11, 2022
Good for small organizations
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V2 Cloud is mainly for small companies like mine. It can be easily managed and has very stable & fast support. It allows me to install any software without altering the computer system. The customer support team is also quite intuitive.
By Mariam Gillis

By Mariam GillisJanuary 03, 2022
Local PC accessibility is Spot on
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V2 Cloud is very simple to set up and start using. It took me about 5 minutes from signing up to set up my first server. I like that you can do RDP from your own computer or use the web interface to log into your hosted machine. I really admire V2 Cloud DaaS’s capability to allow remote workers to access premise PC files and folders effortlessly easily.
By Bryan Scott

By Bryan ScottNovember 22, 2021
logo (3/5)

V2 cloud’s phone app does not allow RDP, which would be nice to have the option of. While streaming only on phone, it still works fine. Overall, I think it is an okay-ish DaaS software.
By Jim Gorton

By Jim GortonOctober 11, 2021
Good Pricing Structure
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I appreciate V2 Cloud for its pricing structure, which makes it accessible to small businesses. It has a decent UI and features that are ideal for SMBs. However, I have experienced some technical glitches during my free trial with V2 Cloud.
By Petter Roy

By Petter RoySeptember 15, 2021
Thrilled with Horizon DaaS
logo (3/5)

Horizon Cloud has no major competition as of now. I would not recommend it to someone on a budget, but if you have some extra bucks, then Horizon Cloud can be an ideal option for your workspace needs.
By Lorna Blake

By Lorna BlakeSeptember 09, 2021
Horizon DaaS Review
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There are several features that Horizon Cloud did not implement well, which can disappoint someone who is getting used to more professional DaaS providers. The customer service could be improved as well, and the price point also could have been better.
By Charles Smith

By Charles SmithSeptember 03, 2021
Horizon Cloud Clone
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There are hundreds of services that can offer the same features at a much lower price. Horizon Cloud is a big rip-off and is overrated.
By Nathan Hudson

By Nathan HudsonAugust 21, 2021
Overworked and Disappointed
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Horizon Cloud makes me feel like I am sitting in a box. It is a time-consuming and frustrating experience.
By Xavier Washington

By Xavier WashingtonAugust 18, 2021