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Talygen is a project management software for businesses. It enables users to track project time, track project progress, do resource scheduling, has an inbuilt gantt chart, unified communication, track attendance etc.

Talygen provides numerous other automation services that are needed by businesses in the long run. Some of them include Customer Relationship Management, Invoice & Billing, Utility & Billing, Resource Scheduling, Client Portal, and so much more. The inbuilt ticketing system and screen recording functions allow smooth and uninterrupted work flow and tracking. It promotes intuitive coordination amongst the staff members, management, and clients, which forms the bedrock for any business to succeed.

It has a rich set of features that facilitate the smooth working of daily operations and ensures transparency amongst various parties involved. Talygen’s business automation tools support all businesses, irrespective of its size and kind. Its user interface has been designed in a way that puts user experience on top, which is pretty easy to learn, use, and navigate.

Recent Talygen Reviews

A Must-Have for Productivity!
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Talygen Project Management Software has revolutionized our workflow. The remote check-in, automatic time tracking, and detailed reporting have made us more efficient than ever. Our team loves it, and we’re seeing real results in productivity. Highly recommended!
By Cordelia Griffith

By Cordelia GriffithSeptember 13, 2023
Comprehensive set of features for better project management
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Talygen integrates various project management features in a single interface. We needed a project management tool that provided us with features related to every aspect of project management. For instance, we had a requirement to track working hours, manage tasks and time, manage issues, track projects version control and have them all in one place. We had used MS Excel for managing tasks and hours but with Talygen we integrated it with the rest of our project management needs to get an all under one roof solution without any trouble.
By Emma Green

By Emma GreenSeptember 19, 2021
Multi-collaboration Project Management Software
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Since last year, many staff members began working from home. Initially, I had a tough time managing employee’s feedback, their progress, communicating info, and so much more. Thanks to Talygen, I no longer have to worry about any of the problems that I faced earlier.
By Martial James

By Martial JamesSeptember 12, 2021
One-seamless tool for managing employees
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Managing employees with sheets of Excel files can be a daunting task. We needed a tool that could cater to managing employees and projects together from one place. Talygen project management software lets us manage the tasks of all our employees along with their working hours. We can also schedule training and meetings for them along with planning their holidays and assigning tasks to them.
By Mason Mount

By Mason MountSeptember 06, 2021
Automated attendance tracking
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Talygen lets us record working hours, holidays and leave requests of all our employees. It is integrated with our timekeeping system so that there is no extra burden on any employee to enter his or her time in the project management software tool as well. All they have to do is use the integrated time-sheet view to enter their daily time. With this feature, we get to automate the attendance tracking process of our project management software and save a lot of time for ourselves.
By Lilly Gotze

By Lilly GotzeAugust 31, 2021
Improved monitoring of projects status
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Projects are never easy to manage especially when you have hundreds to keep an eye on at the same time. Talygen lets us monitor all the projects status with the use of its project dashboard. We get the overview that we were looking for in a single screen with all the information related to every single one of our projects. It also provides us with valuable insights and statistics about all the projects and their status.
By Brandon Phoden

By Brandon PhodenAugust 22, 2021
Project Management Software with client portal
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Keeping our clients updated with the project status is an important part of managing a client-facing business. With Talygen we can create separate portals for all our clients to log in and view their projects progress. The portal provides them with updates about every single aspect related to their projects from project task management, time tracking, issues management and other important information related to the status of their project. This feature helps us in providing better customer service and let’s our clients be updated at all times about any updates made on their projects.
By Harry Styles

By Harry StylesAugust 14, 2021
A seamless system for collaboration
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We were in need of a software that provides seamless integration with other tools to monitor the entire process of every single project seamlessly. With Talygen, we can integrate it with other tools that we use in our company to track time management and employee attendance. The integrated communication feature lets us send messages and comments that are synchronized with project tasks, time sheets and issues for every project. We don’t need to switch back and forth between other tools to manage any of the information related to our projects.
By Owen Jackson

By Owen JacksonAugust 06, 2021
Talygen helped us in balancing our workflow and projects
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The biggest advantage of using Talygen over other project management tools is that it lets us manage our work workflow and projects efficiently with integrated features like Project Reports, Project-Based Chats, Resource Scheduling, and so on. We were facing problems with communicating information between all the departments in our company but now there are no delays and issues related to this.
By Samantha Cerny

By Samantha CernyJuly 30, 2021
Project Management Software that is affordable for startups
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As a startup, we were looking for cost effective project management software to manage our projects. Talygen, along with the free trial, has all the features that we could ask for in a project management software. We can now track working hours, as well as manage are limited resources better than ever before. Also, the project-based message board feature lets us collaborate efficiently as all of us are working remotely.
By Mariam Pons

By Mariam PonsJuly 21, 2021
Great tool
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Since last year, many staff members began working from home. Initially, I had a tough time managing employee’s feedback, their progress, communicating info, and so much more. Thanks to Talygen, I no longer have to worry about any of the problems that I faced earlier.
By Bill Williams

By Bill WilliamsJuly 17, 2021
Quite beneficial for the business
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My business has been on a constant pace of growth ever since I invested in Talygen’s project management software. The user interface of the software is very user-friendly and easy to use.
By Logan Bailey

By Logan BaileyJuly 11, 2021
Extra-ordinary performance
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Talygen’s project management software offers quality features like- Ticketing System, Time Tracking, Asset Management, Performance review, Expense review, CRM, Billing, and so much more. The software is available at a very genuine cost. It is a must-try.
By Ethan Gale

By Ethan GaleJuly 08, 2021
Solid UI
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Talygen is offering world-class project management software at a very reasonable cost. The multi-purpose software can fit any business concerning its size, kind, and nature. It also gives its users the provision to integrate other devices.
By Kate Owen

By Kate OwenJuly 03, 2021