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Slack is a complete suite of communicationsoftware for teams. It includes a desktop and mobile app, allowing team members to stay connected with one another while on the go.

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Multiple WorkSpaces is a Game-Changer
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I am a freelancer and all my teammates and employers use Slack for collaboration purposes. I am a member of different workspaces and have no confusion regarding anything. I love Slack because of its intuitive user interface and stylish designs. It is the perfect communication solutions if you are looking to collaborate with multiple teams, projects, or tasks.
By Fem Gaag

By Fem GaagJanuary 28, 2022
Everything that I needed for Collaboration
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The most fascinating and unique thing about Slack Communication software is that it allows users to set up different projects under one account. This makes it easy for users to segregate different tasks and prevent confusion. Moreover, the user interface is also quite intuitive.
By Jason Bick

By Jason BickJanuary 12, 2022
Doesn’t work with Older Mobile Phones
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Overall, my experience with Slack has been phenomenal. I love the software and it makes communication fun. But if anything was to be changed it would be its non compatibility with older mobiles. Other platforms like Discord and Viber lead the race in this context.
By Jacqueline More

By Jacqueline MoreNovember 11, 2021
Uninterrupted communication
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Slack ensures that all forms of communication take place under a single domain platform. It facilitates chatting, video calls, meetings, and so much more. It promotes easy and smooth functioning of business functions.
By Alexis Jones

By Alexis JonesSeptember 12, 2021
A must have modern tool
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Slack allows direct messages, group messages, sub-group messages, and even restricted group messages within the program. These features address the issue of coordinating with my colleagues while working from home.
By Jason Bell

By Jason BellSeptember 10, 2021
Great app for communication
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Slack is very time-saving and cost-effective. It can be integrated with many third-party programs which makes the work quite convenient. A perfect software for seamless communication at work.
By Jonathan Murphy

By Jonathan MurphySeptember 06, 2021
Best tool for small teams
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Slack is a one-stop solution to minimize communication gaps within a team and business. I faced some connectivity issues while working with a bigger team. If you are looking for a communication software for a small team, go for Slack.
By Joshua Raymond

By Joshua RaymondAugust 23, 2021
Overall good
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The Do Not Disturb feature of Slack misbehaves sometimes. Even after activating DND, I still get message notifications. Otherwise, it is a perfect software for communicating with team and staff members.
By Angelina Doms

By Angelina DomsAugust 20, 2021