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Silent App, powered by Talygen, is an automated tool that helps business automation. It is designed to run quietly in the background, allowing workers to focus on tasks without distraction. This app provides bosses with important information about how their team is performing, all in real time. With the stealth mode, employers can watch their employees’ activities without knowing. So, employees behave naturally, giving managers an accurate picture of work habits. The invisible app takes screenshots at set times, keeps track of which apps and websites are being used, and counts keystrokes and mouse clicks. All of this helps measure how efficiently people are working. The app creates detailed reports that show bosses how their team is doing. These reports help managers spot patterns in how people work, see who’s being productive, and determine where improvements can be made. With this information, bosses can quickly make smart decisions about using their resources and managing their teams.

Recent Silent App Reviews

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Silent App’s screenshot feature and app usage tracking gave us great insights into operations and task progress. It helped maintain employee productivity and efficiency without disrupting their workflow.
By Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson, Senior ManagerMay 25, 2024
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In our legal firm, tracking billable hours was crucial. Silent App changed how we tracked and allocated time. The automatic time tracking eliminated billing differences, boosting our revenue. The productivity analysis also helped us see the most time-consuming activities.
By Jessica Wu

Jessica Wu, Managing Partner April 5, 2024
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Silent App boosted our sales team’s performance by tracking activity logs and productivity metrics. The software’s integration with our CRM system gave us a complete view of each sales rep’s activities, helping us create better training programs.
By Carlos Mendez

Carlos Mendez, Sales DirectorMarch 20, 2024
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As a tech project manager, I was unsure about monitoring tools. Silent App changed my mind. Its non-intrusive feature lets us gather accurate data on development cycles without disturbing our coders. We used the insights to improve our scheduling, which also helped us find the most and least productive developers.
By Amanda Nguyen

Amanda Nguyen, Tech Project ManagerMarch 10, 2024
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Before using Silent App, we had trouble managing call volumes and response times. The detailed activity tracking helped us see peak hours and optimize staffing. We cut employees’ idle times by 50% in four months.
By Robert Fitzgerald

Robert Fitzgerald, Customer Service Manager February 15, 2024